How to Draw a Lion

Here you will learn how to draw a lion easily even for beginners. Practice your drawing skills with our easy step-by-step guides.

Step by Step How to Draw a Lion
How to Draw a Lion Step by Step

Hi all! Today we want to tell you about how to draw a lion – a majestic large feline animal.

Where do these unusual animals live? Africa, India and other countries can be called as points of location of lions. At the moment, the habitat of lions is much smaller than even 100–200 years ago. Of the most suitable places for these predators, forests, savannas, or thickets of shrubs are usually distinguished.

An interesting fact says: on our planet, a person does not have the opportunity to meet two identical lions. Just as human fingerprints are unique, lion faces cannot be repeated in nature. Drawing a lion is an easy and fun activity. Let’s get started!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Lion

  1. Draw the mane.

    Male lions have a lush mane around their neck, and it is from the mane that you need to start to sketch the lion.How to Draw a Lion Step 1

  2. Add the torso.

    Using two curved lines, draw the top and bottom of the lion’s torso. Connect these two parts with a straight vertical line on the back of the lion’s torso.How to Draw Easy Lion

  3. Draw the legs.

    In this step you need to sketch the legs of the lion along with the paws in the lower parts.Simple Lion Drawing

  4. Far legs.

    Now draw the second pair of legs, which are located behind the torso of the lion.How to Sketch a Lion

  5. Shape the face.

    At this stage of drawing, you need to draw the outline of the lion’s face, and also draw two lion ears on the head.Lion Drawing Tutorial for Kids

  6. Detail the face.

    Now you need to detail the lion’s face by adding the eyes, eyebrows, and nose of the animal.Lion Drawing for Kids

  7. Body lines.

    On the torso of the lion, draw a line that divides the back and abdomen of the lion into two parts. Also separate the lion’s face from the rest of the face as shown.Easy Lion Drawing

  8. Mouth and tail.

    Sketch the cartoon smiling lion mouth and also draw the pointed lion tail.Lion Drawing Artwork

  9. Add details.

    Texture the lion’s mane as shown, and draw the fluffy tip of the lion’s tail.How to Draw an Easy Lion

  10. Color the artwork.

    Color your wonderful lion drawing using the typical colors for this king of the beasts.
    How To Draw a Lion

We hope that this instruction was useful for you, and you were able to draw a beautiful lion. See other guides and learn to draw more!

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