How to Draw a Doll

Would you like to learn how to draw a doll? In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to create a gorgeous drawing of a doll girl using our instructions.

How to Sketch a Doll
How to Draw a Doll Step by Step

Welcome to the step-by-step guide, where you will learn how to draw a doll! Scroll down below for detailed step-by-step instructions, but before that, let’s write a little about this type of toy!

Toy dolls are items of children’s play that look like a person, some character, a dinosaur, or an animal. They appeared in ancient times, when people began to make dolls from clay, ceramic, wood, and fabric. Since then, dolls have become very popular among children.

Doll toys have become popular with children because they allow young children to play with real-life details. Dolls also help develop children’s imagination and imagination.

There are many types of doll toys, including barbies, model dolls, stuffed animals, plush toys, and more.

Usually doll toys are made of plastic, fabric, rubber or other materials. They can be filled with synthetic fiber or sand to give them a realistic look.

In general, toy dolls are an important element of children’s play, which helps to develop fantasy and imagination, and also teaches children social skills. We hope you will draw this cute doll using our guide!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Doll

  1. Draw the hair.

    Prepare the base by outline the doll’s hair.How to Draw a Doll Simple

  2. Add the bow.

    Using three semi-oval shapes, draw the bow on the doll’s hair.Doll Easy Drawing

  3. Draw the head.

    Shape the doll’s head, then add two small eyes.Doll Drawing Easy

  4. Add details.

    Draw another part of the doll’s hair, then add the small nose and mouth.Step by Step Doll Drawing

  5. Draw the doll’s dress.

    Using curved lines, form your doll’s dress. Draw the collar of the dress using wavy lines.How to Draw a Doll Girl

  6. Add the arms.

    On both sides of the torso draw the arms of your doll.How to Draw a Baby Doll

  7. Draw the legs.

    Use smooth lines to draw the legs of the doll.How to Draw a Doll Easy

  8. Detail the drawing.

    Following the example from the step, detail your doll’s dress and then add the shoes on the feet.How to Draw an Easy Doll

  9. Color the drawing.

    Color your drawing of a cute doll using the coloring tools.Doll Drawing

Thank you for using our drawing tutorial to draw a cute doll! We hope that you will continue to practice drawing with us.

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