How to Draw a Dress for Kids

Draw an adorable, cute dress using our drawing tutorial! It’s easy to draw for kids and even for people who have never tried drawing!

How to Draw a Dress for Kids
How to Draw a Dress Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this tutorial, we will teach you how to draw a dress for kids. It may seem that dresses are difficult to draw, but this is if you look at the drawings of professionals. At the same time, a lot is taken into account, folds, chiaroscuro, the figure of a person, and other things that at this stage of creating a picture we still do not need to know.

This creative process has a number of benefits for developing the imagination. Drawing a dress will surely be a fun process for you. Let’s start with the simplest version of drawing a dress, below we present a drawing, and even below you will see a description of the stages of drawing. Well, let’s get down to drawing.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Dress for Kids

  1. Let’s draw the upper part of the dress.

    The upper part of the dress can be imagined as an inverted trapeze, nothing complicated, as you can see.
    Draw a Dress

  2. Draw the bottom of the dress.

    We will depict the bottom of the dress using a shape that resembles a bell. To do this, draw diagonal lines along the two edges, and then connect them with an arc. This will create the skirt of the dress.
    Drawing Dress

  3. Add the cutout for the head.

    Draw a semicircle at the top of the trapezoid.
    How to Draw a Simple Dress

  4. Add the bow.

    In the very center of the trapezoid, draw a small circle, from it to the left and to the right draw lines similar to the wings of a butterfly.
    How to Draw an Easy Dress

  5. Draw the sleeves.

    After the base of the dress is outlined, we proceed to detail: draw two ovals at the edges of the trapezoid—these will be the sleeves.
    How to Draw a Girls Dress

  6. Draw the lace.

    Lace must be placed on the sleeves; for this, without tearing off the pencil on the sleeve, draw small semicircular wavy lines.
    Dress How to Draw

  7. Add lace to the bottom of the dress.

    Draw the wavy lace at the bottom of the dress in the same way.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Dress

  8. Color the drawing.

    As you can see in the example, we shaded our dress pattern with pink, but you can use other shades.
    How to Draw a Dress

We hope that you drew this dress with great desire and enthusiasm! After all, drawing is a fascinating process that develops motor skills and various skills in your imagination. Try drawing a house again to test your straight line drawing skills.

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