How to Draw a BMW X6

Learn How to Draw a BMW X6 in this step-by-step and easy drawing tutorial from! An easy guide for everyone!

how to draw a BMW X6
how to draw a bmx x6 step by step

We are glad to see you on our guide to drawing BMW X6! We will show you very clearly How to Draw a BMW X6 because, in fact, it is not as difficult as it seems initially. You will need to follow eight steps, in which you simply understand which lines and at what point you need to depict.

BMW X6 is probably one of the most popular models of this popular German brand. This model is positioned as a sports luxury crossover because it is a rather tall car, it has four-wheel drive, but unlike many other SUV, the BMW X6 is endowed with a high level of comfort, power and design ideas. If you look at the design of this car, you can clearly see the idea of the designers to create a crossover, but with the character of a sports coupe. After all, the back of the car is made in the style of the GT models or the comfort of the coupe cars.

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Time needed: 40 minutes.

How to Draw a BMW X6

  1. Draw the shape of the car.

    As always, start with a step in which you will outline the body line, in which in the following steps you will add the rest of the details. Draw circles for the wheels immediately after the bodywork.vehicle drawing for kids

  2. Door lines.

    Now separate the body with lines. It is necessary to depict the doors, as well as the rest of the details shown in the x6 line art

  3. Draw the front side.

    Draw a typical BMW radiator, which, as always, is divided into two parts. And then draw the lines of the headlights, and after them depict the circles of the BMW to sketch bmw x6

  4. The fog lights.

    Draw a detail of the BMW bumper, first of all, these are the fog lights, which are always located below the usual headlights. Then illustrate the rest of the details, the lines of the wheels.x6 easy drawing

  5. Radiator grille. The front of the BMW.

    First, draw the detailing lines of the headlights, then the radiator grille and its lines, and at the end the rest of the lines from this design drawing

  6. Doors and mirrors.

    Let’s now detail the side part of the BMW, first of all, draw the side mirrors, and then the rest of the design lines for the side drawing for beginners

  7. BMW X6 rims.

    The last step in sketching BMW X6 has come – drawing rims. Repeat the lines of the rims exactly as we showed in the example, but if you have the appearance of other discs in mind, then draw them. After the rims, add the rest of the body, all the lines, and so to draw bmw x6 easy

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