How to Draw an Audi A7

In this drawing tutorial you will learn how to draw an Audi A7 very easily and quickly. Scroll below to see the entire step by step guide.

how to draw an audi a7
how to draw an audi a7 step by step

Hello beloved readers in this excellent drawing tutorial on the Audi A7. Learn how to draw an Audi A7 Sportback, which is one of the most popular models from the line of the German Audi brand.

To many, this model is similar to the popular Volkswagen model – Passat CC, but of a higher class. Also, the Audi A7 has equal competitors in many ways, for example, the Mercedes-Benz CLS, or the BMW 6 Gran Coupe. Which of these three models would you choose for yourself? Write about it in the comments under the instructions at the very bottom. The volume of the Audi A7 engine ranges from 2.0 to 3.0 liters. The engine power of the Audi A7 ranges from 204 to 340 hp. These are excellent indicators for this kind of transport, which is fairly regular and everyday for cities around the world.

Oh, we almost forgot that this model also has two more sporty modifications – this is the Audi S7 and the Audi SR7. But this is all secondary, because first of all you are in the drawing guide of the Audi A7, and your task is to depict this beautiful car on paper. We will help you with this, scroll down and see the full guide. Enjoy your drawing!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw an Audi A7

  1. Draw the general structure.

    This is the standard first in sketching cars, you need to draw the general outline of the car, and only then add the to sketch car

  2. Depict the first details of the Audi A7.

    Draw circular lines for the wheels, don’t miss both sides of the car. Then draw a line of windows and easy sketch

  3. Car doors.

    Now draw the doors, the rest of the Audi A7 wheels, and both rearview mirrors. car line art simple

  4. Draw in front of the Audi A7.

    Illustrate the details of the front of the Audi A7, primarily the radiator area of the car. Then draw the inner parts of the wheels, in which you will later depict the rims of the car.drawing sports car easy

  5. Body details of the Audi A7.

    Now illustrate the little body parts, the door handles, the license plate rectangle, the lines in the headlights and the to draw a car sketching

  6. Hood lines.

    Now illustrate lines on the hood and lines for the radiator grille. These steps will allow the drawing to be more detailed and three-dimensional in drawing tutorial

  7. Draw Audi A7 rims.

    So, this is the last step in drawing the details on the car. Let’s first depict the lines on the side, and then carefully and in detail sketch the Audi A7 to sketch audi simple

  8. Finishing step of sketch Audi A7.

    Do you have crayons, markers or paint on hand? If so, you can color the car sketching. But if you don’t feel like painting, then just add shadows and strokes, as in the example from our to draw audi a7

Try to practice your skills more often while progressing in your favorite art! It’s cool when you can draw and come up with images yourself, isn’t it? Therefore, try to illustrate more often anything you want, everything that you see around you, and everything that you use. For example, an olive branch, maybe a house? Maybe even a sponge or a Christmas stocking! Why not?

After all, there is nothing more important than practice in this creativity. It is necessary for your hand to get used to it and start thinking instead of you. We will just help you learn how to portray the desired things, animals, cars, and so on.

Thank you for learning to sketch cool cars with! We are waiting for you again on other instructions. Good luck!

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