Mother’s Day Drawing

If you want to sketch a Mother’s Day Drawing card, here you can see the idea of the cute drawing. Draw a beautiful greeting card for your mom on Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day Drawing Easy
Mothers Day Drawing Step by Step

Mother’s Day Drawing is for everyone who wants to create a beautiful card for this holiday. This idea will help you paint a pretty picture with cute flowers and a card, “Happy Mother’s Day”. We hope this tutorial will help dads and kids create great artwork that will bring happiness to moms and grandmothers!

In this drawing, you see three tulips and two peonies, as well as hearts and a cute holiday inscription. If you want to add something else to the drawing, then add what you want. For example, you can also add roses to your sketch or other flowers.

Time needed: 30 minutes

Mother’s Day Drawing

  1. Draw the stem.

    Start sketching from the stem of the first tulip. You need to draw two lines that are slightly slanted. Flower draw for mother day

  2. Draw the petals.

    Draw the bottom of the tulip petals, continuing the line you originally drew for the stem.beautiful mothers day drawings

  3. Tulip petals.

    Draw the first part of the tulip petals.Sketch Drawing for Mothers Day

  4. Draw the entire tulip.

    Draw all the tulip petals to the end.Sketch Mothers Day

  5. Draw the second stem.

    Draw the stem of the peony.mothers day sketch

  6. Draw the sepal.

    Now sketch the sepal of the peony.mothers day card drawing

  7. Peony petals.

    Draw the peony petals that are on the outside of the flower.cute drawings for mothers day

  8. Detail the petals.

    Draw all the petals of the peony that is on the flower. And also draw the stem of the third flower.cute mothers day drawings

  9. Draw the tulip.

    Draw the bud of the second tulip, you can do this following the example of drawing the first tulip.mothers day drawings easy

  10. Add more flowers.

    Draw two more flowers in your sketch, you can see an example in this step.Mothers Draw Flowers Drawing

  11. Draw the greeting card.

    Draw the rectangular piece of paper on which you write the greeting phrase you want.easy mothers day drawings

  12. “Happy Mother’s Day”.

    Write a congratulatory inscription following the example from this step, but if you have a different idea, then write the phrase that you like, for example, “I Love You, Mom”!.happy mothers day drawing

  13. Draw the hearts.

    On Mother’s Day, hearts are often drawn, which symbolizes love for the mom.Drawing Ideas Mothers Day

  14. Trace your sketch.

    Take a black marker or fountain pen with ink and trace all the outlines of your sketch.mothers day draw

  15. Color the drawing.

    Now color your drawing, you can take the colors that we used in our drawing as an example, but you can also use other colors.Mothers Day Drawing

Drawing is a great way to express our love and gratitude to our mothers for everything they do for us.

Don’t forget that the most important part of any gift is your love. May your mom feel the sincere love you put into creating this Mother’s Day greeting card!

Thank you for using our tutorial, and we wish you success in creating other beautiful works of art! Be sure to share your creations with your mom and let this gift be special and memorable for mom!

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