How to Draw Wings for Kids

Learn how to draw wings for kids. You can use these easy to draw wings to sketch various birds, angel, or characters. Below you will see more detailed instructions and a large step-by-step collage.

How to Draw Wings for Kids
How to Draw Wings Step by Step

Hello! Here you will learn how to draw wings for kids. Birds can fly only due to the presence of wings, they migrate, hunt, escape from predators by flying. In the sky, the flying of an eagle, a lark, a crane always looks exciting and catches the eye for a long time.

The flight mechanism itself is incredibly complex, the bird has to take off and land, soar high above the ground and plummet down like a stone. Probably, looking at such flying, the person also wanted to experience this himself. Would you like to be able to fly like a bird?

Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to sketch an angel style wings, which are very easy to draw even for kindergartners. We hope you find this tutorial very useful. Enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Wings for Kids

  1. Draw the base.

    Begin by drawing the basic middle section of the wings, which visually resemble small wings. Sketch two parallel wings consisting of four feathers at once.Wings Easy Drawing

  2. Draw the top feathers.

    Now we start detailing the wings. To do this, draw long top feathers as shown.How to Draw Pegasus Wings

  3. Add the next part.

    So, now you need to depict the next part of the feathers, and for this draw slightly shorter feathers.How to Draw Bird Wings

  4. The third part.

    Draw the third part of the wings, which are in the middle of the two feathers of the base part.Wings How to Draw

  5. The last part.

    It’s time to sketch out the last feathers that point down. This part of the feathers should be the shortest, because this is the lower part of the wings.How to Draw an Easy Wings

  6. Color the wings.

    The wings of the birds have an amazing color. Use blue and cyan colors, pencils or felt-tip pens if you want your wings to be like in our instructions. If you have a different idea of the color of the wings, then paint them in the color that you like best!How to Draw Wings

Did you draw the wings? Wonderful! You are now one step closer to detailed drawings of anything with wings. Try drawing an eagle, for example!

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