How to Draw Venom for Kids

Here you will learn in detail how to draw Venom for kids! Even someone who holds drawing tools such as a pencil for the first time can make such a drawing.

How to Draw Venom Easy
How to Draw Venom Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw Venom for kids. Venom is one of the main enemies of Spider-Man and one of the most popular anti-heroes in the Marvel Comics universe.

Venom is an interesting and unusual character as he is a symbiote. The main feature of the character is that a space symbiotic parasite captures the body of an inhabitant of the Earth. In classic comics, the symbiote has taken over the body of journalist Eddie Brock, and this symbiote-human bond is the most popular. Also, the most important feature of symbiotes is that they are trying to survive by capturing the human body in this way. Venom feeds on human adrenaline, giving the person powerful physical strength in return. In general, this is a very interesting character, so we suggest drawing Venom! Enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Venom for Kids

  1. Draw the head.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the character’s head. The character’s head shape is usually round or oval.Venom Sketch

  2. Add eyes.

    Now draw two Venom eyes, just as shown in the example.Venom from Spider Man Drawing

  3. Draw the teeth.

    First, draw a curved line like in the example, then add the teeth of the character.Venom Head Drawing

  4. Draw the tongue.

    Add a long, pointed Venom tongue under the teeth.How to Draw Venom Face

  5. Draw the torso.

    Now it’s time to draw the cartoon Venom torso.How to Draw Simple Venom

  6. Add the Venom’s symbol.

    Move on to drawing the symbol on Venom’s torso. First, draw the rounded body of the spider symbol on Venom’s chest.How to Draw a Cartoon Venom

  7. Draw the legs of the spider.

    Now complete the full spider symbol on Venom’s torso by adding spidey legs.How to Draw Chibi Venom

  8. Draw the arms of Venom.

    Now draw Venom’s arms as shown. Venom’s fingers should be pointed in the classic style of this character.Cartoon Venom Drawing

  9. Add legs.

    The last step remains in drawing the Venom figure. You need to sketch the simple legs of a cartoon Venom using easy elements.How to Draw Venom Full Body

  10. Color your artwork.

    Trace your pencil sketch using a marker or fountain pen, then take your crayons and color in your Venom.
    How to Draw Venom

Also try to draw Iron Man, Wolverine or other characters with us. Thank you for drawing with us and practice this wonderful activity like drawing!

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