How to Draw Iron Man Step by Step

Learn how to draw Iron Man step by step and easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with these instructions. Below, you can see a detailed collage with the step-by-step drawing process of this character.

Iron Man How to Draw
How to Draw Iron Man Step by Step

Hi all! Here you will learn how to draw Iron Man step by step and easily! This superhero, with incredible intelligence and amazing fighting skills, has become a favorite of children and adults around the world. Are you already interested?

Then stay to get acquainted with this simple instruction and create your best drawing of this superhero! Iron Man has a real name—he is known as Tony Stark. This superhero is an incredibly enterprising and charismatic person. As you know, the MCU started with Iron Man in 2008, and Robert Downey Jr. played Iron Man in this franchise, who perfectly fit into the role of Tony Stark and became the favorite character of millions of fans around the world!

Sometimes Tony allows himself not to follow any rules, but this is quite due to the fact that this character pursues a noble goal—the preservation of human lives. This guide is a great help if you want to draw a cartoon Iron Man quickly and easily. Share this tutorial with your friends and draw together!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Iron Man step by step

  1. Shape the helmet.

    Begin by drawing the basic shape of Iron Man’s helmet.How to Sketch Iron Man

  2. Helmet details.

    Now draw the outline of the inside of the helmet and the shape of the eyes.Iron Man Helmet Drawing

  3. Draw the chest.

    Start drawing the armored torso with the character’s neck and chest plate.Drawing of Iron Man

  4. Shoulders and belly.

    Draw the armored shields on Iron Man’s shoulders. In addition to the shoulders, draw the lower torso of the suit.Iron Man Easy Drawing

  5. Draw the arms.

    Using curved lines, draw the arms of the suit. After that, draw a round arc reactor on Iron Man’s chest, and add the rest of the details from this step.Iron Man Drawing Tutorial

  6. Add fists.

    In this step, draw the character’s hands, which are clenched into fists. In addition to the fists, add details on the arms and torso of the hero.Iron Man Draw Easy

  7. Draw the legs.

    In this step, you will be shown how to draw Iron Man’s legs, and use this way from the example to draw the legs.Iron Man Sketch

  8. Add feet.

    Draw the armored feet of the character and detail the armor plates on the character’s legs.Iron Man Draw

  9. Add details.

    Add the final details to your Iron Man sketch, and you can move on to coloring your artwork.How to Draw Iron Man Easy

  10. Color your artwork.

    Trace with a marker or fountain pen and color. Use classic colors for this character. Iron Man’s armor is usually in red and yellow, but Tony Stark occasionally has other armors in the comics.
    How to Draw Iron Man

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