How to Draw the Hulk for Kids

In this step by step guide you will see how to draw a Hulk for kids. Start drawing your character from Marvel Comics with us!

How to Draw the Hulk
How to Draw the Hulk for Kids Step by Step

Hello everyone! Let’s try to learn a lesson on how to draw the Hulk for kids! Today’s hero is one of the most important heroes in the Marvel universe. Novice artists will be able to draw this drawing without any problems since the object is in a calm state. For better concentration, we advise you to follow all points of the manual in order to achieve the best result.

The Hulk first appeared on the pages of the comic in May 1962. It was invented by the talented artist Jack Kirby and the legendary author of most of the heroes of the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee. The main superpower of the Hulk is his superhuman strength. This giant can easily lift a passenger car and throw it on a long flight, he also has the ability to regenerate.

The Hulk also regained popularity along with the rest of the Avengers in the series of films from the MCU. Also, in addition to the superpower, Bruce has an ingenious intellect that helped the Avengers team defeat enemies. All scientific activities were carried out by Bruce and his brilliant colleague Tony Stark, by the way, you can try to draw Iron Man because such a step-by-step instruction is also on our website, but this lesson is a little more complicated!

Good luck, super artists!

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw the Hulk for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the superhero’s head.

    Start by drawing the outline of your Hulk’s head.Hulk Face Drawing

  2. Draw the body and ears of the giant.

    Now sketch out the Hulk’s torso, which is located below the head. The body should be slightly larger than the head.How to Draw the Incredible Hulk

  3. Legs and hair.

    First draw the Hulk’s hairstyle, in our sketch his hair looks like Bart Simpson’s. After that, draw the legs of the green giant.How to Draw Hulk Easy

  4. Draw fists.

    On the sides of the Hulk’s body, you need to draw the basic outlines of the fists.Hulk Simple Drawing

  5. Add the outlines of the arms and draw the superhero’s shorts.

    As you can see, the Hulk’s shorts are, as always, torn at the bottom—this is typical for the Hulk because when he turns from an ordinary person to a green giant, his pants stretch and tear. Hulk Easy Drawing

  6. Add fingers, eyes, nose, and mouth to our character.

    At this stage, you need to be more careful with the pencil, as there are very small details. First, draw out the details of the face, and after that, you can draw the Hulk’s fingers clenched into fists.Hulk Drawing Tutorial

  7. Add details to the sketch of the Hulk’s body.

    Draw the anatomical details of the superhero.How to Draw the Hulk for Kids

  8. Coloring the drawing of the Hulk.

    We use several colors: purple, green, brown. You can use your own coloring, but our version is classic. You can paint the Hulk gray because, in the comics, the Hulk somehow appeared in gray.How to Draw Hulk for Kids

The Hulk drawing is ready! If you followed all the points of the guide, then you should get wonderful artwork. We advise you to post the result on social networks or share it with your friends, we will be very pleased.

Until next time, dear friends!

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