How to Draw Superman

When you need to learn how to draw Superman easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. Simple step-by-step tutorial to help you draw Man of Steel.

How to Draw Superman Easy
How to Draw Superman Step by Step presents for you a drawing guide on how to draw Superman step by step. Superman is by far the most popular superhero of all time, and the Man of Steel is often the first image that comes to mind when comic book superheroes are mentioned. And this is not surprising, because he is a symbol of many generations, which instilled hope in people and faith in justice, and the power of kindness. Also, a strong influence in Superman’s personality is played by the fact that in ordinary life this alien is a reporter who goes to work in ordinary modest clothes and behaves like any other citizen of Metropolis. Many people believe that Spider-Man is the main superhero for schoolchildren, but the image of Clark Kent was made in this style much earlier. In ordinary life, Clark was always an insecure guy, and in a red and blue suit, he was a bastion of self-confidence, masculinity, and heroism. For this, we can only praise the writers and creators of this superhero, because they were able to coolly combine the image of a super-strong hero in a suit and an awkward, insecure reporter.

It should be noted his alliance with other heroes from the DC universe, and their team the Justice League, the film about which for many fans of the DC universe was a very pleasant surprise. And not the first version, namely the director’s version by Zach Snyder, which all fans of Superman, Batman, and all other superheroes of the universe really wanted to see. Which of these characters were you for in their confrontation in Batman v Superman? Which of them do you like better, you can write in the comments under this step-by-step instruction by scrolling to the very bottom.

How to Draw Superman Face Step by Step
How to Draw Superman’s Face

We made a separate collage for you of how to sketch Superman’s face. Save it to yourself and share with your friends. The entire step-by-step guide is detailed below by scrolling down the page.

Time needed: 1 hour

How to Draw Superman

  1. Draw the hair.

    Start illustrating Superman with a sketch of the hair.Superman Hair Drawing Easy Simple

  2. Face basic lines.

    Draw the guide lines for the face, which will be the base for sketching the face and parts of Kal El’s face.Superman How to Draw Face

  3. Face shape.

    Now draw realistic face shapes. To do this, you need to sketch the sides of the face, jaw and chin of Superman, which is traditionally very powerful in appearance. Superman Drawing Face for beginners

  4. Lines on the face.

    Draw cruciform guide lines across Kal El’s face. This will help you more accurately draw his ears and eyes.Face Superman Easy Drawing

  5. Draw the eyes and ears.

    Along the baselines, draw Superman’s eyes. After that draw the ears, and erase the guidelines after drawing the ears and eyes.Draw Superman Face Eyes

  6. The rest parts of the face.

    So, now detail the sketch of the face, adding there Kal El’s mouth, eyebrows, and various lines that will make the superhero’s face more realistic.How to Draw Superman Face

  7. Draw the pupils.

    You have already completely drawn Superman’s face, and the last detail remains, and these are his pupils. Superman’s eyes are one of the most important weapons, because from his eyes he can shoot red laser beams that help him in self-defense. Superman Face Drawing

  8. Draw the neck.

    Draw Clark’s neck, as well as an extension of the neck that blends into the top of the suit and cloak.Draw Easy Superman Step by Step

  9. Draw the lines of the torso.

    Now we need to draw Clark Kent’s upper body, starting with the torso. Draw his shoulders, arms, chest, and so on the details of the torso.Step by Step Superman Drawing

  10. Draw fists and the belt.

    Draw Superman’s clenched fists and the belt that Clark holds his hands on.Simple Superman Drawing Tutorial

  11. Draw Superman’s underwear.

    In the classic Superman suit, there is some kind of cowards that are constantly criticized in our time. It may look strange or ridiculous now, but in the era of classic comics, superhero panties were an important attribute of the suit.Easy Drawing Superman

  12. Draw the thighs and knees.

    Moving on to drawing the lower body of the Man of Steel, and now sketching his inflated legs. This step shows an example of how to draw his legs to the knees.Drawing Easy Superman

  13. Draw the shoes.

    Draw the shoes, Superman’s long shoes, that sit just below the knees.How to Draw Cartoon Superman

  14. Draw Superman’s cape.

    Now, the main and most important part of Superman’s costume is his cape, which you need to sketch. Make Superman’s cloak look like it’s blowing in the wind.How do you Draw Superman

  15. Draw the Superman Symbol.

    The symbol is quite easy to draw, you just need to draw the outer lines that look like the shape of a diamond, and then draw the inner part of the logo and the letter S.Drawing Tutorial Superman

  16. Draw the muscles.

    Superman’s torso is always very muscular and powerful, and these are the lines of his muscles that you need to depict in your sketch. You can leave the torso without these lines and muscle details by painting without them, but with muscles, your drawing will be more realistic and showy. Superman Drawing Tutorial

  17. Trace the sketch.

    The pencil sketch is ready, and we recommend that you trace the contours, making them more expressive, with a black marker or ink.Superman Drawing Tutorial Colorng

  18. Color your Superman.

    The last step is to color Superman in his classic colors. How to Draw Superman

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