How to Draw Sneakers for Kids

Learn how to draw sneakers for kids with this simple drawing tutorial, even for those who had no experience in drawing before.

How to Draw Sneakers Easy
How to Draw Sneakers Step by Step

Hey! Now we will explain how to draw sneakers for kids. Sneakers are very popular footwear nowadays, as in sneakers you can go in for sports, play basketball, ride a skateboard and just walk comfortably! Therefore, sneakers of various types are now extremely popular and are well sold by sports clothing companies. The first companies that started in sport’s shoes and to this day are the market leaders, becoming iconic and epoch-making for millions of people. These companies include Adidas, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Converse, Vans, New Balance, and so on. Which shoes do you like best from these companies? Write in the comments by scrolling to the bottom, we will be interested in your opinion!

By 1892, the American Rubber Company had come up with a fairly comfortable rubberized shoe with a fabric base, it was called “sneakers”. By 1917, it went on the mass market, having received such an unusual name because it was so silent that it was easy to sneak up on someone unnoticed.

Try to follow the steps below and you will have a great drawing!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Sneakers for Kids

  1. Draw the topline.

    Do you know why sneakers wrap tightly around the ankle? This “high collar” has been designed specifically for sports to maximize the stability of the shoe during play. Draw the oblong, small oval that you see in the example.Simple Shoes Sketches

  2. Draw the shape.

    Now you need to draw the basic shape of the sneaker, which will be visually closer.How to Sketch Shoes

  3. Add the second topline.

    Repeat the steps in the first step. The second oval should touch the first, don’t draw the second topline too far.Sneakers Sketch

  4. Draw the second sneaker outline.

    Now sketch out the shape of the second shoe as shown.Simple Sneakers Drawing

  5. Draw the soles.

    Manufacturers of sneakers pay great attention to the sole. It is made of strong elastic material, which must be durable. Depending on the sport, it can be flexible or rigid, studded or cushioned. You just need to draw lines at the very bottom of the shoe that become curved at the nose of the shoe.Sneakers Drawing Tutorial

  6. Add the heel counter.

    Draw a semicircle from the center of the heel to the sole. A characteristic feature in sport’s shoes is the highlighting of the heel counter with a different color or material. This part of the sneaker shoe is stiffer and stronger.How to Draw a Simple Sneakers

  7. Draw the eyelets.

    On the top of the sneaker, draw rectangular shapes for the laces.How to Draw Anime Shoes

  8. Add laces.

    Draw three laces for each shoe. Draw them at the same distance from each other.How to Draw an Easy Sneakers

  9. Color your artwork.

    Color your drawing using crayons, felt-tip pens or colored pencils. We colored our sneakers using shades of gray and purple.
    How to Draw Sneakers

Your gorgeous sneaker drawing is ready, and now you are even more proficient in drawing. We hope you don’t stop there and keep practicing!

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