How to Draw a Basketball for Kids

Looking for an idea to draw a basketball? Here you will learn how to draw a basketball, easy even for kids!

How to Draw a Basketball for Kids
How to Draw a Basketball Step by Step

Welcome to the drawing lesson, in which you will learn how to draw a basketball for kids. The game of basketball is one of the most popular sports games around the world, along with soccer. Basketball is even more popular in the United States than in Europe, South America and Asia. What kind of game sports do you like more? Write your opinion in the comments at the very bottom, we will be very interested!

In this lesson, there will be a very easy way to sketch a basketball. There are different coloring pages, but the most popular is the classic version of the ball, which you see in this drawing tutorial. The drawing can be drawn by an artist of any age! We hope this tutorial will help you in drawing the ball. Enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Basketball for Kids

  1. Draw the shape.

    Begin by drawing a basic ball shape, which appropriately looks like an even circle.Basketball Shape Drawing

  2. Add the middle line.

    Now you need to draw a center line for the ball that divides the base shape in two. This line is drawn using a curved line that follows the roundness of the ball.Easy Basketball Drawing

  3. Add the horizontal line.

    Now, in the same way, draw a horizontal, curved line.Simple Basketball Drawing

  4. Rib lines.

    Now draw an oval-shaped bottom line on the ball. These lines form the classic look of a basketball.Basketball Drawing

  5. Top rib line.

    Now draw a mirrored line that is correspondingly on top.Step by Step Basketball Drawing

  6. Color the ball.

    The sketching process is over, now you can trace the contours of the sketch with ink. Then use your favorite coloring tools to color your artwork. Paint the ball a classic orange and the details dark brown or leave black.
    How to Draw a Basketball

It’s great that you drew a basketball, but we suggest that you do not stop there and draw a soccer ball! We are also waiting for you at various drawing lessons of animals, characters and much more!

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