How to Draw Santa’s Sleigh for Kids

Looking for an idea for a Christmas drawing? Here you will learn how to draw Santa’s sleigh for kids using our easy step by step drawing lesson!

How to Draw Santa's Sleigh for Kids
How to Draw Santa's Sleigh Step by Step

Welcome everyone to the new drawing lesson! In this drawing guide, we will guide and show you how to draw Santa’s Sleigh for kids. This vehicle helps the kind grandfather Santa Claus navigate the night sky and deliver the gifts that they are waiting for the children. In this difficult task, nine deer support the magician. Dexterous animals, ringing bells, help Santa Claus deliver gifts to every home in a timely manner. Drawing Santa’s Sleigh is an easy and fun activity, during which you will also develop your skills in drawing various geometric shapes and curved lines.

Every person wants to believe that real miracles happen on Christmas. Santa’s sled is also not quite ordinary, because they have the ability to rise into the air and, together with the reindeer, fly over the shining lights of the cities of the Earth. Let’s create a holiday atmosphere—draw Santa’s Sleigh step by step!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Santa’s Sleigh for Kids

  1. Shape the sleigh.

    The hull of the sleigh has a very unusual shape and resembles a little the shape of a boat. Therefore, in the process of drawing, follow the example instructions.Draw Santa's Sleigh

  2. Add the borderline.

    At the top of Santa’s sleigh, draw a curved line that follows the edge line of the body.Drawing Santa's Sleigh

  3. Draw the gift.

    At this stage, note that the gift is not fully visible—part of it is depicted from the sleigh.
    How to Draw Santas Sleigh Easy

  4. Depict the gift bow.

    To do this, draw a small circle on top of the gift box. Place bow loops with rounded edges on either side of it.
    How to Draw Santas Sleigh

  5. Add the tree.

    To draw a simple Christmas tree, draw a zigzag line as shown in the instructions.
    How to Draw a Simple Santa's Sleigh

  6. Draw the star.

    The star is shaped like a polygon with five points. Draw a decoration at the top of the tree.
    How to Draw an Easy Santa's Sleigh

  7. Draw the runner.

    The sled glides on the snow thanks to the surface of the runners. To depict a runner, draw two curved lines under the sled close together, and then connect them with small lines around the edges.
    Santa's Sleigh How to Draw

  8. Add sleigh bindings.

    Draw two narrow rectangles between the sled and the runner.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Santa's Sleigh

  9. Color the drawing.

    Color your beautiful drawing of Santa’s Sleigh using the coloring tools.
    How to Draw Santa's Sleigh

Congratulations! You’ve drawn a great drawing for Christmas! We hope that you will not stop there and continue to draw to improve your skills as an artist. Try drawing Santa Claus or a Christmas tree!

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