How to Draw a Christmas Tree Step-by-Step

Learn how to draw a Christmas tree step by step and easy enough for beginners. Scrolling below, you will see the instructions and a collage of this drawing lesson.

Simple Christmas Tree Drawing
How to Draw a Christmas Tree Step by Step

Hi all! Today we will tell you how to draw a Christmas tree step-by-step—an obligatory bright and beautiful detail of the Christmas holiday. The tradition of preparing a Christmas tree for the holiday exists in many parts of our planet. And you can meet a fluffy beauty during Christmas in houses, on the streets, in parks—almost everywhere.

Almost until the middle of the eighteenth century, spruce decorations were only edible: among them there were apples, nuts and various sweets. Over time, homemade paper decorations and eggshells painted in different colors began to appear on the festive tree. Later, toys in the form of Christmas balls appeared, which we are used to seeing now on coniferous holiday trees.

Drawing a Christmas tree is an interesting and useful activity that lifts your spirits. Let’s get started!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Christmas Tree Step-by-Step

  1. Draw the top.

    Draw the topmost coniferous part of the tree.Christmas Tree Drawing 1

  2. Add the star.

    At the top of the Christmas tree, draw a classic decoration—a star. Also depict the bottom second row of the coniferous part of the tree.Christmas Tree Drawing 2

  3. Third row.

    Continue as in the previous steps and add the third row of the tree. Also, following the example from the step, connect the top of the tree and the star using two straight lines.Christmas Tree Drawing 3

  4. Fourth row.

    Continuing the drawing of the tree in the same way as in the previous steps, draw the fourth row. In addition to the fourth row of the tree, you need to sketch two decorative balls on the first and second row of the tree.How to Sketch an Easy Christmas Tree

  5. Add details.

    Add three more Christmas decorative balls at the bottom of the Xmas tree, and draw a square shape for the gift box.Christmas Tree Easy Drawing

  6. Add gifts.

    Depict two more squares for the gift boxes.How to Sketch a Christmas Tree

  7. Add details.

    Detail gift boxes by adding horizontal ribbons.Christmas Tree Drawing Easy

  8. Draw ribbons.

    Now draw the rest of the gift ribbons as shown in the example.How to Draw a Christmas Tree

  9. Color the Christmas tree.

    Use green to color your Christmas tree, then use a variety of colors to add color to your Christmas tree decorations. Also, do not forget to color the gifts that lie under the tree.
    Christmas Tree Drawing

We recommend that you do more sketching to improve your skills. We try to help you with this and make easy and useful instructions for beginners and even those who have never tried themselves in drawing. You can find more instructions in the section with all the guides just by scrolling through the page. We are waiting for you on other guides!

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