How to Draw Lego Batman

When you need to learn how to draw Lego Batman easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. Simple step-by-step tutorial to help you draw Lego Dark Knight.

How to Draw Lego Batman
How to Draw Lego Batman Step by Step

You are on the site for drawing guides, and in this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Lego Batman step by step. Batman is one of the most popular superheroes and his story begins in 1939, the incredibly long history of the DC comic book character. This character finds new life every time new films, cartoons, or comics are released. Each new Batman look finds its fans, and Lego Batman has found a fan base that loves this Lego cartoon and toy character. And also you can try to sketch the classic realistic Batman, such a drawing step-by-step tutorial is also on our website.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Lego Batman

  1. Draw the shape of the head.

    Start sketching Lego Batman with the basic head shape shown in the example.Lego Batman Drawing for Kids

  2. Draw the ears of the mask.

    Draw Batman’s ears over the top of the head with vertical lines.Sketch Batman Lego

  3. Draw the details of the face.

    Draw the eyes of Batman, as well as the opening for the mouth, which is always open in the Bats mask.Batman Lego Sketch Tutorial

  4. Draw the mouth.

    Draw Bats’ smiling mouth. And also sketch out the details of the mask in this part, outlining the mask line and making it thicker.Lego Batman Sketch

  5. The upper part of the body.

    You need to draw the lines of the top of the cloak, which are located on the shoulders of the superhero.Lego Batman Sketching

  6. Draw the torso.

    Draw the lines of the torso, as well as the belt for Batman, which contains the pockets for his accessories.Batman Lego Drawing for Beginners

  7. Draw the arm.

    Now you need to draw the first arm, which is visually on the right, draw it following the example from the step and observe the proportions relative to the torso.Lego Batman Easy Drawing

  8. Draw the second arm.

    So, now you need to draw Bats’s second arm, which is visually located further and is slightly behind the body, therefore, accordingly, it needs to be drawn a little less than the first hand since Bats is standing slightly with his body turned.Lego Batman Drawing Tutorial Easy

  9. Draw the legs.

    The torso and arms are depicted, and now you need to depict the legs of Lego Batman, and this is quite easy because the lines of the legs are straight lines that are easier to draw than realistic legs.Lego Batman Draw Easy

  10. Draw Batman’s cape.

    So, now one of the main attributes of the costume of our superhero bat is his cape with the lower part, which is made in the form of bat wings.Easy Drawing Batman Lego

  11. Trace your sketch.

    If you drew with a pencil, now use a fountain pen with ink or a marker to trace all the lines in order to color in the whole drawing in the next step. Lego Batman Drawing Easy

  12. Color the head.

    As an example, first we show how to color the drawing, and first we start coloring Batman from the head.Lego Batman Drawing Tutorial

  13. Color the entire sketch.

    You are in the final stages of drawing, and therefore now you need to color in the entire drawing. Paint the entire Bat’s suit gray or black, and paint the belt and Batman symbol yellow. And also do not forget to paint the part of the face that is visible from under the mask. How to Draw Lego Batman Easy

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