How to Draw Kermit the Frog

Learn how to draw Kermit the Frog enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. A simple step-by-step cartoon frog guide.

How to Draw Kermit Frog
How to Draw Kermit the Frog Step by Step

In this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw Kermit the Frog. Here you can very quickly and easily draw this meme frog, which is very popular. We drew a frog in a recumbent position, and in our opinion, it looks very funny and amusing. This frog character is easy to sketch because there are no complex details and lines in the instructions. Just follow the steps and repeat carefully on your paper. We also advise you to draw a realistic frog, which is even easier to draw.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw Kermit The Frog

  1. Draw the eyes.

    Draw the big and bulging eyes of the frog, this is where you start sketching Kermit.Kermit the Frog Draw for Kids

  2. Head shape.

    Now sketch out the outline of Kermit’s head.Kermit Meme Drawing

  3. Draw the frog’s mouth.

    Draw Kermit’s huge smiling mouth.Kermit Eyes Drawing

  4. Kermit’s hand.

    Draw the hands toes of the frog that character is leaning on while lying on his stomach.Kermit How to Draw

  5. Draw the second hand.

    Draw the second hand using the same principle.How to Draw Kermit the Frog Meme

  6. Draw Kermit’s body.

    Draw Kermit’s spherical torso, as well as an arm, folded at the elbow, on which the frog rests while lying on its stomach.Kermit Memes Drawing

  7. Draw the frog’s collar.

    Draw Kermit’s the Frog collar, which is primarily associated with this character. This collar is very similar to the collars of various medieval costumes. The jesters wore similar collars.How to Draw Easy Kermit

  8. Draw the legs.

    Now draw the thin legs of character, and erase all the extra sketch lines.Kermit the Frog How to Sketch

  9. Draw Kermit’s feet.

    Draw the large frog feet of Kermit the Frog following the example from step.Kermit the Frog Drawing Guide

  10. Trace the sketch.

    Trace the outline of the sketch with a marker or ink. This will make your drawing clearer and sharper, and, accordingly, it will be much easier to paint the artwork.Kermit the Frog Drawing Tutorial

  11. Color Kermit the Frog.

    Use your favorite colouring supplies to color your work, and you need to paint the frog green.How to Draw Kermit the Frog

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