How to Draw a Frog

Learn how to draw a frog easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. A simple step-by-step cute frog guide.

How to Draw a Frog Drawing
How to Draw a Frog Step by Step

In this step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a frog easily. Drawing this cute animal is not so difficult, because the body of the animal is much easier to sketch than, for example, a dog, in which all parts of the body are not as close to each other as in a frog. We have divided this instruction into detailed 12 steps, in which you can sketch out each part of the frog’s body in detail.

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Frog

  1. Sketch of the outline of the head.

    First you need to sketch out the shape of the frog’s head and also draw a line for the mouth.How to Sketch Frog Easy

  2. Eye contour.

    Now draw a circular outline for the first eye, and remember that frogs have large and bulging eyes.Frog Eyes Drawing

  3. Second eye.

    Draw the frog’s second eye, which is located on the other side. And also draw the top line of the head.Frog Face Sketch

  4. Shape the head.

    Give the sketch a realistic shape for the frog’s face and head, following the example in step.How to Draw Frog Simple

  5. Draw the pupils.

    Draw the pupils of the frog’s eyes. How to Draw a Cute Frog

  6. Body shape.

    Sketch the outline of the shape of the frog’s torso.Frog Drawing Step by Step

  7. Draw the frog’s front legs.

    Moving on to drawing the limbs of the frog, and the first start by sketching the front legs of the frog.Frog Drawing for Beginners

  8. Draw the fingers.

    Draw the frog’s long and slender fingers.Frog Drawing Tutorial

  9. Hind legs.

    Draw the frog’s hind legs, from which the frog repels for its long jumps.How to Draw a Cartoon Frog

  10. Erase the extra lines.

    All the shapes and details of the sketch have been drawn, now check if there are any mistakes, and also erase the extra lines of the drawing that remained from the sketching process.Frog How to Draw for Kids

  11. Trace sketch.

    Trace the outline of the frog sketch using a marker, ink fountain pen or other tool for this.How to Draw a Frog Easy

  12. Color the frog sketch.

    Now color in the frog pattern you drew. You can paint the frog green or, for example, gray.How to Draw a Frog

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