How to Draw Frankenstein for Kids

Looking for an idea for a Frankenstein drawing? You have come to the right place where you will learn how to draw Frankenstein for kids easily and quickly!

How to Draw Frankenstein for Kids
How to Draw Frankenstein Step by Step

Good day to all! In this drawing guide, we will take a look at how to draw Frankenstein for kids. What’s the story behind this character? The fact is that one day Victor Frankenstein, an inquisitive student from the city of Geneva, decides to create a creature identical to man out of various materials. The result disappointed the young scientist somewhat because the creature was not what its creator had intended. Subsequently, the monster Frankenstein tries to realize himself and his existence.

It is interesting that considering the situation in M. Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein, or a Contemporary of Prometheus”, one can draw important conclusions. For example, the conclusion, based on a rational approach, that everyone involved in science should understand and bear the burden of responsibility for new discoveries. Then the balance in the world will not be disturbed, and people will continue to live peacefully and happily. Drawing a Frankenstein monster is one of the fun activities that will help you consolidate your skills in drawing various geometric shapes and lines. Let’s start!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Frankenstein for Kids

  1. Draw the head.

    The hero’s head is a square. But keep in mind that its top and bottom sides are not straight, but curved lines.
    Sketching Frankenstein

  2. Start detailing the head.

    On the top side of the square, draw a zigzag line of spiky hair. Next, starting at the top of the head, mark the seam with two short bends and join them together. On the face, draw the eyes with unequal half-ovals, and in them—the pupils.
    Drawing Frankenstein

  3. Draw nose, mouth, and ears.

    Step back a little from the eyes and draw a small arch of the nose. Draw another arch under the nose to represent the mouth. Draw ears on both sides of the head—also in arcs.
    How to Draw Frankenstein Head

  4. Draw the body.

    His torso touches the jawline. Draw a rectangle with jagged sides. The inside of a tattered sweater is marked with a zigzag line.
    How to Draw Frankenstein for Beginners

  5. Draw the patch and the sewn-up area.

    Draw a quadrangle on the side of the sweater, draw some lines on it. This is a thread patch. Now draw the sewn area—a rough seam that needs to be marked on the other side of the garment with a vertical line and two lines crossing it.
    How to Draw a Simple Frankenstein

  6. Draw the arms.

    The arms are hidden in the sleeves. Draw two curved lines pointing upward and connect them in a zigzag pattern.
    How to Draw an Easy Frankenstein

  7. Draw the hands.

    Each palm has 5 fingers, similar to arcs.
    Frankenstein How to Draw

  8. Draw the legs.

    A pair of vertical rectangles represent legs in pants. Then add boots, for this draw ovals at the bottom of the legs.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Frankenstein

  9. Color your drawing.

    Now color your drawing using the coloring tools. Color the skin in green, the top of the clothes in a purple shade, and the pants in brown.
    How to Draw Frankenstein

Besides Frankenstein, try drawing a troll! Draw various cartoons and characters with us, because it’s simple and interesting.

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