How to Draw a Troll for Kids

Would you like to draw a funny cartoon troll? Here you will learn how to draw such a character very easily for kids, because our lessons are simple and understandable.

How to Draw a Troll for Kids
How to Draw a Troll Step by Step

Hello everyone and welcome to the tutorial on how to draw a troll for kids. In this drawing guide, we will travel to a magical forest and its amazing inhabitants. The troll is a funny and very cute creature from Scandinavian mythology. He possesses the gift of magic because his origin is associated with mountain spirits. The troll has a small head and powerful body, short legs, and disproportionately large feet.

There are two categories of these creatures: some are evil and cruel, others are funny, kind, and cute. Our troll knows no aggression. He likes to sleep on the soft green grass, warmed by the sun’s rays, and his favorite food is mushrooms and juicy berries. Let’s start drawing a troll step by step.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Troll for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    To draw the head, you first need to draw a semi-oval and then connect with a line to the notch at the top. You can make the bottom half of the semi-oval wider to keep the creature’s cheeks plump.
    Sketching Troll

  2. Draw the hair.

    Now draw a fluffy hairstyle for the troll: between the two lines draw a line with curves, like teeth. The funny hairstyle is somewhat reminiscent of the grass on the lawn.
    Drawing Troll

  3. Add ears.

    The ears are located on the lateral sides of the semi-oval. They are similar in shape to leaves, and their tips are directed upwards. In each of the ears, draw lines at an angle to the semi-oval. Also, inside the hairstyle shape, make some short vertical strokes. This will lend more credibility to the beautiful style.
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  4. Draw the face of the troll.

    Think about the emotions he is experiencing. The eyes are dots, the eyebrows are small horizontal arches, the nose is two connected lines. Draw a smile for your creature, also in a curved arc, but with a spread opposite the eyebrows.
    How to Draw a Troll Head

  5. Draw the outlines of the body.

    Make an elongated oval. Only at the bottom of the line do not close with a circle, but interrupt with a straight horizontal line.
    Draw a Troll

  6. Draw the arms.

    These are the same elongated ovals as the body, but smaller.
    How to Draw a Simple Troll

  7. Draw the brushes.

    At the bottom of the arms, draw lines to form the palms and sleeves of the shirt. Also, divide the torso with a horizontal line. Top—shirt, bottom—pants.
    How to Draw an Easy Troll

  8. Draw the feet.

    Draw a horizontal, elongated oval at the bottom of the torso. Having lateral rounded parts, it extends beyond the edges of the body. The upper part of the oval coincides with the lower horizontal line of the torso. This is a “blank” for the legs.
    Troll How to Draw

  9. Detail the legs.

    From the bottom of the horizontal oval, start drawing a line-up in the middle. Slightly, without reaching the belt line, interrupt with a short horizontal line. It turns out a T-shaped figure. At this final stage, the image of our character takes on a natural look.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Troll

  10. Color your drawing.

    As you can see, we’ve shaded our cartoon troll in purple and the clothes in green and blue. You can use other colors to add color to your drawing.
    How to Draw a Troll

Draw, practice, improve your skills, and you will be able to create great pictures! We hope that we help you develop in the best possible way in drawing. Have you ever drawn orcs? If not, then do it with us!

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