How to Draw Eyes

Learn how to draw eyes step by step with us! It is very easy if you follow the instructions and steps carefully. Scroll down and check out the step-by-step collage.

How to Draw Eyes Easy
How to Draw Eyes Step by Step Easy

Hi all! Today we will talk about how to draw eyes and eyebrows in a simple but very beautiful style. The eye is a very important paired organ of the visual system. Through it, a person sees the world around him and receives certain information.

Welcome to the world of art, where we will learn how to draw one of the most important parts of the faceā€”the eyes. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and can convey the emotions and mood of a person. But do not be afraid of this challenge! In this lesson, we will tell you how to draw the eyes correctly enough even for beginners.

We will share with you useful tips and techniques that will help you create a realistic image of the eye. Get your pencils, crayons, and paper ready as we’re about to embark on an exciting adventure where your creativity and imagination are at the forefront! With the help of our lesson, you can easily draw eyes and raise your level of skill in drawing.

The eyebrow is an elevation above the eye socket in the form of an arc, which has a cover of hairs and a special muscle. This muscle serves as a help to the eyes from strong light, sweat and other liquids in the eyes. Sketch eyes with us!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Eyes

  1. Draw the shapes.

    Start by drawing the almond shaped eyes. If you want a more detailed demonstration of how to draw the shape for the eyes, then we recommend that you watch the lesson on drawing a simpler image of the eyes with all the guidelines.Realistic Eyes Drawing Tutorial

  2. Add pupils.

    Now inside the eyes draw circular to draw realistic eyes

  3. Add eyelashes.

    Now you need to sketch pointed eyelashes at the eyes. In addition to the eyelashes, you will also need to add the inside of the pupils.How to Draw Eyelashes

  4. Draw the eyebrows.

    Now you need to sketch the eyebrows above the eyes. Use curved lines with which you can draw the eyebrows, as in the example.Eyes Drawing Tutorial

  5. Add details.

    Detail the pupils and areas around the eyes. First, add the reflection of the light in the eyes by adding circles in the pupils, as in the example. After that, draw curved lines above the eyes, which will make the eyes more realistic.How to Sketch Eyes

  6. Color your artwork.

    If you have already sketched the entire sketch, then you can start coloring your artwork. Before painting, you can trace the sketch using a fountain pen or ink.
    How to Draw Eyes

Have you drawn the eyes and are you satisfied with your drawing? We are immensely glad that you did it using our step by step drawing lesson. We hope that you will not stop there and continue to draw various parts of the body, and do not stop in practice.

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