How to Draw a Face

In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a cartoon face step by step and easy even for beginners. We hope you create a great looking drawing!

step by step how to draw a face
How to Draw a Face Step by Step

In this sketching guide, you will learn how to draw a face easily. At first glance, it is extremely difficult to draw faces, but this is only at first glance because it is easy if you try to practice. We are happy to help you with this, because drawing a face according to our tutorial will be easy, but this ease will not mean that you will draw a cartoon face. This human face is quite realistic, as the proportions of the face are not exaggerated as in cartoons.

If you want to draw a cartoon character and a face, then we recommend trying to draw a cartoonish Superman, who was in the cartoons. You will understand the difference, which will clearly make you understand how cartoon faces are drawn and how sketches of non-cartoonish and more realistic human faces are made.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Face

  1. Sketch the base.

    First, you need to sketch out all the guidelines that will help you sketch the face in proportion.How to Draw a Face Step 1

  2. Vertical guideline.

    Depict the vertical line exactly in the center of the circle, with the help of which you will be guided in drawing the nose and other parts of the face.How to Draw a Face Step 2

  3. Draw four horizontal lines.

    Following the example from step, sketch out four horizontal guidelines.How to Draw a Face Step 3

  4. Lateral lines of the face.

    Now we move on to drawing parts of the face, and start with the lines of the person’s cheeks.How to Draw a Face Step 4

  5. Draw the jaw and chin.

    Draw the person’s jaw and chin using symmetrical curved lines.How to Draw a Face Easy Step by Step

  6. Eyes and eyebrows.

    Draw another horizontal line to more accurately draw the eyes. And after that, sketch out the eyebrows and the outlines of the eyes of the person.How to Draw a Male Face

  7. Draw the nose.

    Now draw the nose on the person’s face.Face How to Drawing

  8. Draw the lips.

    Draw the lips of the person using a vertical guideline.How to Draw a Face Easy

  9. Draw the pupils.

    Draw the pupils in the outlines of the eyes.How to Sketch a Face

  10. Draw the ears.

    Using the guidelines and the example from step, draw the ears of the person.Face Drawing Guidelines

  11. Draw the hair.

    In this step, you can already erase the guiding straight lines from the sketch, and after that draw the person’s hair.Human face drawing

  12. Erase the extra lines.

    Erase the extra line from the person’s head, and then check the whole drawing. If everything is correct, then proceed to the next step.Face Sketch for beginners

  13. Face texture.

    Now you can add various lines, textures, haircut lines and so on to the sketch.How to Draw a Face for Beginners

  14. Trace the sketch.

    Now use a marker to trace your sketch outlines. You can also do this with ink and a fountain pen, or with a thin small brush with black paint.
    Face Drawing tutorial

  15. Color your face artwork.

    Color your drawing using your favorite coloring supplies.How to Draw a Face

Face Drawing for Beginners
Drawing a face without hatching and shadows.

We hope we were able to help you with what you wanted to improve in your skills. On our site, you can find many other instructions for yourself that may be useful to you and your friends! So don’t forget to share this guide with your friends, as well as the artwork that you made with this guide.


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