How to Draw Chibi Thor

Learn how to draw chibi Thor easy enough for beginners, start a sketch with this tutorial. Step-by-step Thor drawing for kids.

How to Draw Chibi Thor Easy
How to Draw Chibi Thor Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this simple step-by-step drawing guide, you will learn how to draw a chibi Thor easy enough for kids and beginners alike. The Asgardian, who is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel universe, has superhuman powers that help him fight villains. The main qualities of this character are a superpower, superhuman strength of the body, the ability to control lightning and thunder. Apart from these abilities, Thor has a hammer, which is his main superhero attribute. With the help of the hammer, Thor takes off, spinning the hammer and raising his hand with the hammer into the sky!

If you want a lesson in drawing Thor in a simple style, then try to depict it in an elementary style. And also on the site, you can find step-by-step guides for many other characters, animals, cars, and other interesting drawing ideas! We hope we can help you with your drawing ideas. Enjoy your drawing, friends!

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw Chibi Thor

  1. Head contour.

    Begin by drawing the outline of the character’s head. This guideline sketch will get you started sketching the Asgardian.Chibi Head Drawing Guidelines

  2. Draw the hair.

    Add Thor’s hair on the outline of the head.Cute Thor Drawing

  3. Add eyebrows.

    On Thor’s face, draw his furrowed brows. Note that the face is slightly turned to the side, and keep this in mind when drawing parts of the face.Chibi Avengers Step by Step Drawing

  4. Shape the eyes.

    Start drawing Thor’s eyes by shape the eye contours.Chibi Avengers Drawing

  5. Add pupils.

    Now draw chibi cute eyes in the eye contours. The eyes should be depicted with white circles, which are a reflection of light in the drawing.Chibi Eyes Drawing

  6. Add the nose.

    Draw Thor’s small chibi nose as shown.Chibi Nose Drawing

  7. Draw the beard.

    Now detail Thor’s face by adding a beard. After that, erase the guidelines.Chibi Thor Face Drawing

  8. Draw the torso.

    Draw Thor’s small chibi torso.Chibi Thor Step by Step Drawing

  9. Add the arm.

    Draw Thor’s arm in the same way as shown in the example.Chibi Marvel Drawing

  10. Draw Thor’s hammer.

    Now you need to draw Thor’s second hand, as well as Thor’s hammer, which he holds in his hand.Thor Hammer Drawing

  11. Add details.

    On Thor’s suit, draw the round plates typical of Thor’s garment.Thor Easy Drawing Tutorial

  12. Add legs.

    Now sketch out the simple chibi legs of the character.Step by Step Thor Drawing

  13. Detail the drawing.

    Draw bracelets on Thor’s arms, and also draw a belt detail and add lines for the shoes.How to Draw a Cartoon Thor

  14. Draw Thor’s cape.

    Now draw an important attribute of this character’s costume—the superhero cape.How to Draw an Easy Thor

  15. Inking.

    Finally, before the chibi Thor art coloring process, trace the contours of your cartoon Thor sketch with an ink pen or black marker. If there are no such supplies nearby, then do it with a small brush and black paint.
    Chibi Thor Drawing

  16. Color your art of Thor.

    The sketching process is almost complete, you just have to color your artwork and the cartoon illustration will be complete!
    How to Draw Chibi Thor

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