How to Draw Cartoon Eyes

Let’s get started with this guide, where you will learn how to draw cartoon eyes step by step. You will be surprised how easy and fast it is to learn how to draw cute eyes for your cartoons.

Cartoon Eyes Drawing Easy
How to Draw Cartoon Eyes Step by Step

Welcome to our drawing tutorial of cartoon eyes! Cartoon eyes are unique and fun, they can emphasize the individuality and character of your characters, thereby helping to create bright and memorable characters in cartoons, comics, and other animated media. In this lesson, we will teach you how to draw cartoon eyes step by step! Regardless of whether you are a novice artist or an experienced professional, these simple instructions will help you quickly and easily depict unique eyes for your characters.

Cartoon eyes are one of the main elements that allow you to give a specific character expressiveness and individuality. They are bright, large, and often have an unusual shape, which helps to give the character a special character. You can also try drawing anime eyes if you want to learn how to draw this detail for your anime or manga drawings!

Common features of cartoon eyes:

— They are large and often slightly convex, unlike realistic eyes.

— The shape can be very diverse—from round to triangular, curved, or rounded.

— When drawing eyes, it is worth paying attention to their position and direction, they can be directed in different directions, which also complements the character’s image. In our lesson, we will show how to draw cartoon eyes that look sideways.

Let’s get started? Grab your drawing and coloring tools to start drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Cartoon Eyes

  1. Start with the basic shapes.

    Begin by drawing the basic round shapes of cartoon eyes.
    How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Eyes

  2. Draw the pupils.

    Now add the pupils to the sides of the eye contours using two large and two small round shapes.
    Step by Step Cartoon Eyes Drawing

  3. Draw the highlights

    To make the eyes more detailed, add reflections in the eyes in the form of circles, as shown in the example.
    How to Sketch Cartoon Eyes

  4. Add details.

    Detail the area around the eyes by adding lines above the eyes and the bridge of the nose, as shown in the example.
    Cartoon Eyes Easy Drawing

  5. Draw the eyebrows.

    To draw the eyebrows, use curved lines to draw the top, then create a full eyebrow shape with a pointed end.
    How to Draw Cartoon Eyes Easy

  6. Color the drawing.

    You can color your cartoon eyes as shown in the example, or choose a different color. If you are using this guide to draw a full face, color it as you planned to color your character in your drawing.How to Draw Cartoon Eyes

Great job, you have successfully drawn cartoon eyes! With the correct proportions and careful attention to details, you can achieve a dynamic and expressive look when drawing characters. We hope you have made drawing cartoon eyes a part of your creative practice and enjoyed the process while drawing!

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