How to Draw Nick Fury’s Face

Learn how to draw Nick Fury’s face easy enough for beginners, start a draw with this tutorial. A simple step-by-step guide to help you draw the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

How to Draw Nick Fury's Face Easy
How to Draw Nick Fury Face Step by Step

In this drawing guide, you can learn how to draw Nick Fury’s face. Nick Fury is the popular hero from the Marvel comic book universe and the MCU. He is the director of the SHIELD agency, organization that protects humans from supervillains. In the MCU, Nick was the person who began to collect the Avengers team, and as a result, together with all the team members, defended Earth from an external alien threat.

In our drawing lesson, we took the image of Nick Fury, which was just in the movies from Marvel. The role of Nick Fury in the films from the MCU was played by the great Samuel L. Jackson. By the way, in our drawing lessons, there are also characters from the Marvel universe and characters from the DC universe.

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to Draw Nick Fury’s Face

  1. Sketch of the guiding lines.

    Nick Fury’s face is turned to the side, and we will designate this initially with the guiding lines, which you can see in the example.Face Drawing GuideLines Easy

  2. Head contour.

    Draw the outline of the head. Also try to accurately convey the lines of the face, chin, cheekbones, and brow bone.Agent Shield Drawing Easy

  3. Draw the eye.

    We start drawing parts of the character’s face. First, draw the eye that is not covered with a bandage. To make the eye more realistic, draw two thin lines above and below the eye. This will give the drawing realism because these are the lines of the eyelids.Agent Shield Drawing Tutorial

  4. Draw the nose.

    Draw the character’s nose, keep all the proportions of the drawing. You can draw the proportions of the face by following the guidelines that you drew in the first step.How to Draw Face Easy

  5. Draw the lips.

    Draw the lips so that the vertical guideline goes straight down the middle of the lips.How to Draw a Face for Beginners

  6. Draw the eye patch.

    Draw the bandage patch that Nick Fury wears constantly on his eye. And also detail the face by adding lines to the sketch.Nick Fury Avengers Drawing Tutorial

  7. Draw the ear.

    Draw Nick Fury’s ear.Nick Fury Shield Drawing

  8. Draw the clothes.

    You are drawing the face of Nick Fury, so you just need to depict the top of the jacket that the character is wearing. We drew the logo of the Avengers on the jacket, you can sketch any other symbol, for example, the logo of the SHIELD agency.Samuel L Jackson Drawing

  9. Draw the beard.

    Nick Fury in the films wears a brutal beard on his face, let’s depict it in our sketch.Nick Fury Drawing Step by Step

  10. Erase the basic guidelines.

    Erase all unnecessary lines with the eraser.How to Draw Nick Fury

  11. Draw the pupil of the eye.

    Draw the pupil of Nick Fury’s eye, as well as his frowning eyebrow. Use a marker or ink fountain pen to trace the outline of the drawing before coloring.Nick Fury Face Drawing Tutorial

  12. Color your drawing.

    Using your coloring supplies, start coloring your drawing. We hope we were able to help you draw this gorgeous character from the Marvel Universe.How to Draw Nick Fury's Face

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