How to Draw Anubis

How to draw Anubis? Learn to draw the ancient Egyptian god Anubis! Try to draw this God of the dungeon with the help of an easy step-by-step tutorial for beginners and anyone who loves to draw.


In this very easy drawing lesson, you can learn how to draw Anubis very easily and quickly. God Anubis is one of the most famous Gods of antiquity. He is the patron saint of the underworld, burial rituals, mummification, and protector of the ancient Egyptian mummies in the pyramids. In the early stages of the history of ancient Egypt, Anubis was shown as a black jackal, but later he was depicted as a large man with the head of a black dog.

Drawing Egyptian Gods is quite simple because in ancient times, rock paintings were depicted in a very flat form. We have decomposed this lesson into nine steps that explain and show an example of how to depict the design of the drawing of the God Anubis. The tenth step is already shown colored.

To depict, you will need classic art tools – pencils, felt-tip pens, markers and other tools that are convenient for you.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Anubis

  1. Draw the dog’s face and headdress.

    First you need to draw a long muzzle of a dog’s face. The ears should also be drawn long. After drawing the ear, draw the Anubis

  2. Draw the eye.

    We proceed to a very simple step – this is drawing the eye of Anubis. In this drawing, his eye consists of two parts, absolutely symmetrical to each other.Ancient-Egyptian-drawing

  3. Draw the necklaces.

    The Old Gods were often depicted wearing gold necklaces, chains, and other sacred accessories. According to ancient people, people and Gods communicated with each other through gold and other metals. You need to draw the necklace around the neck and the belt of Anubis.How-to-draw-the-god-of-death

  4. Draw the robe of Anubis.

    Let’s move on to drawing the Divine robe. In the previous lesson, we specifically told to draw a belt and a necklace to make it easier and clearer for you to draw God’s robe in this step. It’s just four lines on two sides and one on the bottom.god-of-the-dungeon-sketch

  5. Draw the hands of the Gods.

    This step shows you how to draw both of Anubis’s arms on both sides of his torso. The hands will not be difficult to draw, you just need to highlight his biceps, forearms and fists.egyptian-god-sketching

  6. Draw the legs.

    Draw the legs in the same style. They are even easier to draw than the hands of Anubis.anubis-tattoo-sketching-drawing

  7. Draw Anubis’ bracelets.

    Draw the details of the Anubis costume. Two bracelets on the hands of God, and one on the legs. Also, add detail to the bottom of Anubis’s robe. Repeat the steps shown in blue in the

  8. Continue to detail.

    Draw the lines of the bracelets and the line of the Anubis headdress.Ancient-Egyptian-draw

  9. Draw the wand and the ankh.

    First, draw the details – the ear and the continuation of Anubis’s robe. After that, draw his main symbols of the image of Anubis – a rod and ankh. This step is one of the easiest and does not require explanation, you just need to repeat the example from the step.ancient-egypt-drawing

  10. Color Anubis.

    Now it remains to color the drawing of Anubis and the lesson can be called complete!anubis-drawing-tutorial

Thank you for being with us and learning to draw according to our instructions! It is important for us that you are with us and share our drawing guides with your friends in your social networks.

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