How to Draw Anime Boy

Let’s learn how to draw Anime Boy with this step by step drawing tutorial from! Is this your first time holding a pencil? It will be easy even for you to draw this cute anime boy!

how to draw an anime boy
how to draw anime boy step by step

Konnichiwa, dear readers! Welcome to Japanese style because you are on instructions on how to draw an anime boy! This is another lesson that is devoted to how easy it is to learn how to draw people in anime style. Besides the anime boy, you can also try to draw the anime girl that we drew earlier.

This painting style is one of the most popular and loved in the whole world. In the 90s of the last century, anime gained popularity many times more than before. It was a boom in games, cartoons and comics in the style of manga and anime. We knew that you adore this style of drawing and really want to learn how to draw in the same way as these characters are depicted in your favorite cartoons.

Art supplies for penciling and painting:

  • Pencil;
  • Black marker or a fountain pen;
  • Colored marker, crayon, or felt-tip pens;
  • Drawing paper (Or a drawing application on a device).

And super mood!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Anime Boy

  1. Draw anime hair.

    We start by drawing an anime head. On the head, the first thing you need to do is draw the character’s hair. The boy has lush shaggy hair sticking out in all directions. The hairstyle reminds us of Harry Potter’s hairstyle, don’t you think?how to draw anime hair

  2. Draw the anime chin and ears.

    Your next step should be to illustrate the lower part of the boy’s face. This is the chin, and after the chin, you need to draw the anime ears, which are half-hidden under the hair.draw anime head

  3. Draw the boy’s hand.

    Now you need to draw the boy’s open palm. Pay attention to the example from step and draw exactly as shown in the example.draw anime hand

  4. Depict the boy’s shirt.

    So, now we turn to drawing the body of the anime boy. Let’s start by drawing his cute shirt. Do not forget to connect the palm and body by drawing the forearm between them.anime clothes drawing

  5. Depict a hand and tie.

    In this step, we continue to draw the upper part of the boy’s torso. This is an image of his right hand clenched into a fist. After drawing the fist, draw the tie on the shirt.manga hands drawing

  6. Draw anime boy eyes.

    Draw the beautiful eyes of the boy that you need to draw in the anime style. Consider all the details and draw exactly as shown in the example in the sixth step.manga eyes drawing

  7. Draw an anime mouth.

    At this stage, you need to draw the boy’s mouth. He is wide open and expresses the character’s cheerful to draw anime mouths

  8. Draw the legs of the anime boy.

    This is the last step in drawing the boy’s body. Here you need to draw the anime legs of a boy who reaches out with his hand right towards you.How to draw anime legs

  9. Compare the picture and your drawing.

    Did you manage to draw everything? Check your drawing with the example from this step. If you drew with a pencil on paper, then you need to erase all the extra strokes, lines, and other excess left from the pencil drawing.manga boy drawing tutorial

  10. Trace your pencil sketch.

    So, if you drew with a pencil, then in this step, trace your sketch using ink, fountain pen, or black marker. This is for the expressiveness of the drawing.anime body drawing

  11. Color your cute anime boy.

    So, felt-tip pens, colored pencils, or paint are ready and on the table? If not, get your art supplies ready! You need to color the finished drawing and complete this drawing tutorial. Thank you for being with us, see you soon!how to draw anime boy

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