How to Draw Angel Wings

On the page of this drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw angel wings. Start drawing wings with us and our step-by-step instructions!

Draw Angel Wings
How to Draw Angel Wings Step by Step

Welcome to a step-by-step tutorial on drawing angel wings. We hope that this lesson will help you learn how to draw angel wings easily and quickly!

As you can see in the collage, drawing wings is not as difficult as you might think. Wings consist of basic shapes, and then feathers are added to create the texture of your drawing.

Angel wings are a symbol of freedom and protection. They are often depicted as a pair of large feathered wings that can be different colors and shades. Angel wings can be white, silver, gold, pink, blue, or purple. Choose the desired color for coloring your wing drawing.

Drawings of angel wings can be used in various places and projects. For example, they can be used in interior design, especially in bedrooms and children’s rooms. Drawings of angel wings can also be used as tattoos. You can also use this guide to draw full-body angels or other characters with such wings.

Angel wings are a beautiful and symbolic element that can be used in various contexts. Let’s now start the process of drawing!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Angel Wings

  1. Draw the first outline.

    Start by drawing the outline of the top of the wing on the left side of the paper.Angel Wings Sketching

  2. Add the second outline.

    In a mirror way, draw the outline of the upper part of the second wing.Easy to Draw Angel Wings

  3. Form the lower part.

    Using wavy lines, draw the lower parts of the angel’s wings, as in the example.Wings Drawing

  4. Add the feathers.

    Now you need to draw the top of the feathers in the inner area of the wings.Angel Wings Drawing Easy

  5. Middle feathers.

    Add the last lines of feathers in your wings drawing.Angel Wing Drawing

  6. Color the wings.

    If you drew the wings with a pencil, then we suggest that you first trace the outlines of the sketch with a marker or fountain pen. Then add colors and shadows to your drawing.Angel Wings Drawing

Congratulations on completing your angel wings drawing!

Your drawing probably reflected the soft and beautiful nature of these parts of the angels. Your drawing is a perfect representation of the charming side of angels. Keep practicing and learning different styles—the possibilities are endless!

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