How to Draw an Elephant for Kids

In this drawing lesson for kids, you will learn how to draw an elephant step-by-step. Start drawing animal pictures with us!

How to Draw an Elephant for Kids
How to Draw an Elephant for Kids Step by Step

Hello, kids and their parents! We have already drawn many animal drawing lessons, but this is the first time we are doing such a simple lesson on how to draw an elephant for kids. Drawing large animals is very important and interesting because when drawing an elephant, skills such as drawing round shapes are developed and in the future, it will be easier to create symmetrical drawings.

Before we start, so drawing an elephant, let’s get to know this animal a little.
The elephant belongs to the mammalian family of the probosci’s order. Also, the elephant is the largest animal living on land. They live in Southeast Asia and Africa in tropical forests and savannas.

Was it interesting to know a little about the elephant? Now let’s get to the fun part! Drawing an elephant is quite simple if you follow the simple instructions. To do this, prepare your pencils, erases, and pencils to color in the elephant drawing at the end.

Now let’s move on to the drawing tutorial on how to draw an elephant step by step.

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw an Elephantr for Kids

  1. Draw the head.

    Draw the head of the elephant in a circle shape. The circle doesn’t have to be perfectly round.
    How to Draw an Elephant for Beginners

  2. Draw the ears and trunk.

    From the outline of the circle, which is the head, draw the trunk. Ears can be made in the form of an incomplete oval (see as in our picture).
    Simple Drawing an Elephant

  3. Next, sketch out the torso.

    Start drawing it from the middle of the ear, making an oval, and end up with the part where the instructions are. Note that the bottom line of the torso and trunk should be at the same level.
    Easy Drawing an Elephant

  4. We draw eyes, tusks, and a tail.

    Eyebrows and eyes should be symmetrical to each other. The tusks can be depicted as two triangles on both sides of the trunk. And a tail in the shape of a tail can be drawn arbitrarily or look at our sample.
    Elephant Easy Drawing Tutorial

  5. Draw 4 elephant legs.

    First, sketch out the front pairs of legs and then the hind legs. Legs should be rectangular.
    Drawing an Elephant for Kids

  6. Color the drawing of the elephant.

    We shaded the elephant blue, the tusks yellow, and the inside of the ears pink. Note that the far legs are darker because the shadow of the body falls on them. You can do everything like our example, or choose your own colors.
    easy how to draw an elephant

Finished! If you drew an elephant step by step according to our instructions, it means that you have succeeded—and you are great! We hope you liked our lesson: How to draw an elephant for beginners, because we are trying for you and your positive emotions.

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