How to Draw a Tiger for Kids

In this drawing lesson for kids, you will learn how to draw a cartoon tiger step-by-step. Start drawing animals with us!

How to Draw a Tiger step by step

Hello to all the kids! Our artists have made drawings of animals many times, but this is the first time we are doing such a simple lesson on how to draw a tiger for kids. Before you start drawing a tiger, we suggest you get to know this animal better.

The tiger belongs to a species of carnivorous mammals of the feline family. The tiger is one of the largest land-based predators. Tigers inhabit a wide range of landscapes: tropical rainforests, bamboo thickets in the tropics, dry savannahs, semi-deserts, taiga in the north, etc.

Interesting? Drawing animals is one of the basic exercises for aspiring artists. Thanks to our drawing guide, following simple steps, you will have a finished drawing of a tiger in a few steps. With this instruction, you will also learn how to draw ovals, circles and smooth lines.

Now let’s move on to the drawing tutorial on how to draw a tiger step by step.

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Tiger for Kids

  1. Draw the head of the tiger.

    Draw the small oval, pressed slightly at the top. Imagine putting a round balloon on the floor and pushing it down lightly with your hand. This is approximately the shape you should get.
    How to Draw a Tiger for Beginners

  2. Next, draw the body of the tiger.

    On the lower right side of the head, draw the oval. The body of the tiger should be somewhat wider than the muzzle, but not too long.
    Simple Drawing a Tiger

  3. Then, let’s draw the ears and tail.

    Draw ears on top of the head—small and rounded. The ears must be positioned at the same distance from the edge of the oval. But don’t place them on the sides!
    Now let’s draw the tail for our animal. With a smooth, neat enveloping line, we will depict a snake that has risen to look around.
    Easy Drawing a Tiger

  4. Now you need to draw a tiger’s face.

    Draw the eyes in small even circles with bold small dots in the center. Then we will depict the nose—draw the small triangle, the sides of which protrude slightly. Draw the mouth under the nose, make it in the form of two semicircular lines adjoining each other.
    how to draw a cartoon tiger

  5. Sketch the legs.

    To run in the jungle, the tiger need legs. Draw the legs of the tiger as in our picture—parallel lines connected in a semicircle.
    Tiger Easy Drawing Tutorial

  6. Draw the final touches.

    So, we have almost finished drawing our animal. But the tiger cub lacks stripes! Let’s depict them first on the face—small, slightly elongated triangles on the cheeks, and one very small one on the forehead. Next, we will depict three stripes on the back with the same elongated triangles, the bases lying on the back of the animal and tending to the bottom. In the same way, we make stripes on the tail.
    Drawing a Tiger for Kids

  7. Color the drawing of the tiger.

    We will color the animal itself in dark orange color. The eyes will be white, and the pupils will be black. We paint the nose in a dark red color—we will adhere to the color tone. And the stripes will be brown.
    You can use the same colors as ours or apply other paints.
    How to Draw a Easy Tiger

If you followed the instructions, then you have got an easy drawing of a tiger. You are great! We hope you enjoyed our lesson: How to draw a tiger for beginners, as we are trying for you and your positive emotions.

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