How to Draw an Anime Head

Start drawing anime with this drawing lesson, because here you will learn how to draw an anime head step by step. Scroll down to see the instructions and start the drawing process!

How to Draw an Anime Face and Head
How to Draw an Anime Head Step by Step

We are glad that you have joined this drawing lesson, where you will learn how to draw an anime head step by step! Anime and manga characters are unique and recognizable heroes who attract attention with their bright and expressive facial features. They can be realistic or fantastical, but they always have a certain style and aesthetic.

If you want to learn how to draw anime heads, you need to understand the basics of this style. In anime and manga, characters often have large cartoonish eyes that express their emotions and feelings. They also usually have narrower and sharper face shapes than in real life.

Manga is a Japanese comic format that often serves as the basis for anime series. They are distinguished by their drawing style and format. In manga, characters’ faces are usually simplified but proportionate. They can have expressions that reflect their emotions and state of mind.

Now that we understand what anime and manga characters represent, let’s move on to drawing an anime head. During our lesson, you will learn to create unique and expressive faces for your future characters. Are you ready to pick up a pencil and start? Then let’s continue and discover the world of anime and manga through the art of character head drawing!

Time needed: 28 minutes

How to Draw an Anime Head Step-by-Step

  1. Draw the outline.

    Start by drawing the contour of an anime face. Use two curved lines that connect at the bottom to create a pointed chin.Anime and Manga Head Drawing

  2. Add the fringe.

    Following the example from the step, draw the fringe of your anime character.Anime Hair Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the ears.

    Draw ears on both sides of the head of your anime character.How to Draw Anime Ears

  4. Add hair.

    Now you need to draw messy hair as shown in the example. You can create this hairstyle simply by using zigzag lines.Anime Hair Drawing

  5. Add the eyes.

    First, draw the eye outlines using curved lines, then add circular pupils.How to Draw an Anime Eyes and Face

  6. Add details.

    Add detail to the upper part of your anime character’s face by adding eyebrows, eyelids, and reflections in the eyes.How to Draw Anime Head

  7. Depict the mouth.

    Sketch the small anime mouth at the bottom of the face, then depict the flowing hair of your character behind.Anime Head Drawing

  8. Color the drawing.

    Grab your coloring tools and add colors to your manga character drawing.How to Draw an Anime Head

Do not be afraid to experiment and find your own style. Every stroke, every line, every color that you choose is an opportunity to bring your character to life and convey its emotions.

And yes, do not forget to enjoy the process! Drawing is an exciting journey where you create your own world and share it with others.

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