How to Draw an Anime Girl Face

You are on the site where you will learn how to draw an anime girl face step by step. This is one of many easy drawing lessons that will help beginners get up to speed in the art of drawing.

how to draw an anime girl face
how to draw an anime girls face step by step

Hello, manga and anime lovers! In this drawing tutorial, we will show you how to draw an anime girl face very easily and step by step. Do you like the way this anime girl’s face is drawn? If you try this guide, then you will succeed. Just do it!

In general, drawing in the style of anime may be easier for someone, because in this style there is much less realism than, for example, in drawings from American classic comics. But this is not always the case, there are exceptions. For some, a 60s comic-style drawing of Spider-Man will be easier to draw than an anime or manga character. So, let’s get down to the step-by-step instructions for drawing an anime girl’s face.

Art tools for this illustration:

  • pencil;
  • black marker, ink, fountain pen;
  • colored pencils (colored markers);
  • drawing paper;

You can try to draw on your device, for example, on a laptop, tablet, or computer (Laptop).

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw an Anime Girl Face

  1. Draw the face.

    Draw the lower part of the face oval exactly as in step number one.manga girl face

  2. Draw anime hair.

    Draw the top part of the anime girl’s hairstyle and her bangs. On the right, draw in a broken line that is a continuation of the hair.manga girl drawing

  3. Draw the length of the hair.

    Following the example in step, finish drawing the girl’s hair.anime manga girl face

  4. Draw the details of the face.

    So, let’s move on to drawing details and parts of the anime girl’s face. First of all sketch out the eyebrows, which can easily be drawn as two straight lines. After the eyebrows, draw the large eyelashes exactly as shown in the example. As a tip, never paint the eyelashes separately, it will look very creepy. Draw eyelashes always as shown in this picture. To complete, sketch out the mouth and to draw manga girl face

  5. Draw the eyes of the anime girl.

    Draw the eyes and pupils exactly as shown in the example. Repeat the lines in the same way as in step. When you color in the drawing, everything will turn out perfect.anime girl eyes draw

  6. Compare.

    Compare your drawing and the example from the lesson. Erase all unnecessary lines with an eraser and start to draw anime girl head

  7. Trace your drawing sketch.

    This is only needed if you were drawing with a pencil. You just need to draw a trace of the drawing with a marker or ink for expressiveness and clarity of the lines. This will make the drawing look more beautiful.anime girls face drawing easy

  8. Color your sketch.

    Just color your drawing as if it were a coloring book. Use your favorite tools. You can use completely different shades of hair color. You don’t have to paint them pink!how to draw an anime girls face

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