How to Draw an Anime Face for Kids

Would you like to draw a simple anime face? Here, you will learn how to do it using this tutorial on How to Draw an Anime Face for Kids!

How to Draw an Anime Face for Kids
How to Draw an Anime Face Step by Step

Hello everyone! On this beautiful day, we will show you how to draw an anime face for kids. Probably everyone is familiar with the art of Japanese animation. Anime is one of the most popular drawing genres. The face is the most important aspect of drawing anime and manga. A character’s face reflects his emotions, and his eyes express feelings.

Anime face painting is quite affordable for even the most inexperienced artist if you’re ready to start with a few basic guidelines. Cartoon characters have become popular all over the world. Using your imagination, you can change the characters and emotions of the hero. An anime face should be expressive and lively. So let’s get started.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw an Anime Face for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the face.

    Draw a shape with a pointed base that resembles a shield. The lines may not be perfectly straight, and the corners should be slightly rounded.
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  2. Draw the hair.

    To draw the hair, draw vertical, slightly slanted lines along the sides of the head. Then connect them with an arc.
    How to Draw a Simple Anime Face

  3. Add ears.

    Draw small ovals at the base of the hair on either side of the head.
    How to Draw an Anime Head

  4. Add eyebrows and outline for future eyes.

    Draw two thick arcs in the middle of the eyebrow. Next, you will need to draw horizontal lines under the eyebrows, which are the outline under the eyes.
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  5. Start drawing the eyes.

    Under the eyebrows, you need to draw large oval-shaped eyes.
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  6. Detail the eyes.

    Next, you need to draw the pupils, as well as the glare in the eyes, typical for anime characters.
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  7. Add the smile.

    To draw a smile, draw a horizontal arcuate line at the bottom of the face.
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  8. Color your drawing.

    Sketched with a pencil? Then we recommend that you use a fountain pen and trace the outlines of the sketch. Then take your favorite coloring supplies and add color to the drawing.
    How to Draw an Anime Face

Drawing Anime is very interesting because it allows you to understand how to draw characters! Practice more often to improve your skills.

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