How to Draw an Angler Fish

Learn how to draw an Angler Fish in nine step by step easy drawing lesson. This drawing lesson will appeal to beginners, kids and adults.


We welcome you at lesson on how to draw an angler fish! We are glad to see you on the! This tutorial will help you learn the process of drawing a deep sea predatory fish.

There are many predatory fish in the underwater world that are dangerous to humans, but these fish are not so dangerous due to the fact that they live in the deep waters of the seas. By the way, these fish are caught in large quantities in Great Britain, France and other Western European countries.

Learning to draw fish is one of the most important skills for beginners and children. Fish are easier to draw than many other animals because of their shape, because fish do not have legs and other limbs that are more difficult to draw. In addition to this fish, you can draw a reptile animal – a green crocodile.

Art tools for this drawing:

  • marker or pencil;
  • colored pencils, or felt-tip pens;
  • paper.
  • A tablet or other device if you are not drawing on paper.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw an Angler Fish

  1. Draw a linear construct for the anglerfish.

    Draw in straight lines the image of a fish with an open mouth. In almost all angler fish species, the mouth is very wide and opens almost along the entire head circumference.angler-drawing

  2. Draw the teeth of the fish.

    In this step, you need to draw the sharp teeth of the predatory fish. You don’t need to repeat exactly the teeth as shown in step. You can turn on your imagination and depict the teeth in the form you want. These predatory fish are armed with rather large sharp teeth that are bent inward. how-to-draw-Lophius-piscatorius

  3. Draw a line for the esca lure.

    In this step, you need to draw a lure hanging from the head of the fish. Many people think that this thing on the head of a fish is needed to illuminate the path in front of the fish, but this is not so. This beam of light is needed to lure small fish underwater.monkfish-draw

  4. Draw a lure light.

    Draw a small circle on the dangling line from the fish’s

  5. Draw the fish eyes and rays.

    The eyes of the monkfish are small, set close to each other, and are located on the top of the head. Follow the example of the picture from step five. Don’t forget to draw rays that lure the prey.anglerfish-drawing

  6. Draw a fin.

    Draw the small front fin of the angler

  7. Draw the back fin.

    Draw lines on the back fin of the fish, which allows it to swim in deep

  8. Draw the upper and lower fin.

    The last step in drawing is drawing the fins that are at the top and bottom of the fish. Repeat the example

  9. Color your predatory fish.

    Using pencils or felt-tip pens, color in the result of your

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