How to Draw Aladdin for Kids

Here you will learn how to draw Aladdin for kids using our step-by-step instructions. This is an easy and fun process for beginners.

How to Draw Aladdin for Kids
How to Draw Aladdin Step by Step

Good day everyone! As you may have guessed, in this tutorial you will learn how to draw Aladdin for kids. Aladdin is a charming protagonist of the cartoon of the same name. Despite various difficulties in life, he grew up good-natured, honest and noble. The young man is in love with Princess Jasmine—the only daughter of the Sultan, a noble and courageous girl.

For the protagonist, wealth does not represent such a special value as his beloved girlfriend and friends, tested by time and circumstances. Together with the rest of the characters, Aladdin constantly finds himself on adventures. Courage and ingenuity help him emerge victorious from them. We suggest moving on to a simple instruction for step-by-step drawing of Aladdin. If you are diligent and accurate, you can achieve great results!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Aladdin for Kids

  1. Draw the head.

    Aladdin’s head is elongated. Note that the bottom is tapering, and the top is wider.
    How to Draw Aladdin Step 1

  2. Add the eyes, eyebrows, and nose.

    Just above the middle of the face, put two black dots—this is how the eyes will look. Above them, add eyebrows in the form of arcs. Draw a curved line about the middle of the face—this is the nose. Pay attention to the fact that the character is looking to the side, so the parts of the face are not looking directly, but to the side.
    Draw Aladdin

  3. Draw the ear and mouth.

    On the left side of the head, draw a small oval to represent the ear. The character is cheerful, so draw the mouth smiling.
    How to Draw Aladdin Character

  4. Draw the hair.

    Hair can be drawn in any shape. You can refer to the example given in the instructions.How to Draw Aladdin Head

  5. Add the hat.

    The small quadrangle on the hair is a beanie.
    How to Draw Aladdin Face

  6. Draw the body.

    To do this, draw a large rectangle under the head.
    How to Draw a Simple Aladdin

  7. Detail the vest.

    Draw two vertical lines in the middle of the vest. Leave some space between the lines.
    How to Draw an Easy Aladdin

  8. Draw the belt.

    Draw a jagged rectangle under the body—a wide belt. Please note that this part is adjacent to Aladdin’s torso, so the lines of the torso and waist are the same.
    Aladdin How to Draw

  9. Draw bloomers.

    Draw wide bloomers as shown in the instruction.
    How to Draw Disneys Aladdin

  10. Draw the arms.

    Aladdin’s hands lie on the belt and are bent at the elbows.
    How to Draw Disney's Aladdin

  11. Draw the legs.

    It remains to draw Aladdin’s legs.
    How to Draw a Cartoon Aladdin

  12. Color the drawing.

    Take your crayons and color your drawing of Aladdin in the same way as shown in the example.
    How to Draw Aladdin

Have you ever drawn Genie? This is a character from the cartoon universe of Aladdin and is the one who granted the wishes of this character.

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