How to Draw a Turtle

Below, you will see a detailed collage and instructions on how to draw a turtle. Improve your drawing skills by drawing cartoons with us!

How to Draw a Sea Turtle Easy
How to Draw a Turtle Step by Step

Glad to see you! In this easy step-by-step tutorial, you will learn how to draw a turtle. As you know, turtles can be land and sea.

At the moment, these amazing creatures can be found in different parts of the Earth—in North and South America, Australia and other countries. Turtles are very interesting to watch! An interesting fact: these creatures have fairly sharp eyesight. Turtles can distinguish some colors, and this is a very interesting fact about these animals. By the way, turtles see red and yellow very well, but they react or do not see blue or purple colors at all. Drawing a turtle is a simple and exciting activity that we suggest you start. Let’s start?

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Turtle

  1. Draw the shell.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the shell. At the top, the shell should look more convex, and at the bottom, smoother.Turtle Shell Drawing

  2. Add the head.

    On the left side of the shell, you need to draw the long neck of the turtle and the round shape of the head. On the turtle’s head, draw a round eye shape.Turtle Head Drawing

  3. Detail the face.

    Now you need to draw the turtle’s pupil and mouth with the sharp beak.Turtle Sketch

  4. Detail the shell.

    Now it’s time to detail the main part of the turtle—its shell. Start by adding three curved horizontal lines on the turtle’s carapace.Step by Step How to Draw a Turtle

  5. Detail the carapace.

    Using vertical lines, detail the top of the shell and the ventral part (plastron) of the tortoise shell.How to Draw a Sea Turtle

  6. Draw the legs.

    Draw the turtle’s front and hind legs as shown.Turtle Drawing Tutorial

  7. Add the tail.

    Draw the pointed tail of the turtle and the front leg located behind the torso.Turtle How to Draw Easy

  8. Color the artwork.

    Before coloring your artwork, you can trace the sketch using a fountain pen or marker. Then color in your turtle using shades of green. Color the bottom of the shell yellow.
    Turtle How to Draw

You’ve drawn a gorgeous cartoon turtle! We hope that you will show interest in other drawing lessons on our site, because our guides are very easy even for beginners in drawing. Try to draw a snake, because it is also very easy and funny.

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