How to Draw a Snake

Learn how to draw a snake step by step and easy enough for kids, start a sketch with this tutorial. Draw a beautiful reptile following the instructions below.

Step by Step How to Draw a Snake
How to Draw a Snake Step by Step

Hi all! In this easy instruction, you will learn how to draw a snake. The snake is an animal of the chordate type, the reptile class, the scaly order, the snake suborder (Serpentes). Like all reptiles, they are cold-blooded animals, so their existence depends on the ambient temperature. In our lesson, you will draw a desert serpent, the color of which can be yellowish sand or brown.

An interesting fact: the snake has nostrils, but they do not allow it to feel various smells at all. The characteristic forked tongue is responsible for this. With its help, the snake collects particles hovering in the surrounding space, and thereby orients itself in the environment. Further, these particles enter the oral cavity and are subjected to a thorough analysis. Drawing a snake is a simple and useful activity. Let’s get started!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Snake

  1. Shape the head.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the serpents head. You need to depict a head with an open mouth. Follow the example from the first step to depict everything in detail.Snake How to Sketch

  2. Detail the head.

    Now draw the snake’s mouth and eyes.How to Sketch a Snake

  3. Add details.

    This step shows how to draw the snake’s pupil, nostrils, two sharp snake teeth and a long forked tongue.Snake Drawing for Beginners

  4. Drawing the body.

    Start drawing the snake’s body using a curved, long line that should be like an oval at the bottom.Easy Snake Drawing

  5. Internal line.

    Using the same way, draw an inner line, which should be longer than the first.Snake Drawing Tutorial

  6. Snake belly.

    From under the head of the snake, you need to draw the belly of the snake using an S-shaped line.How to Draw an Easy Snake

  7. Skin texture.

    On the dorsal part of the snake skin, draw spots in the form of ovals, as in the example.Snake How to Draw Simple

  8. Draw the tail.

    Draw a pointed snake tail as shown. You also need to detail the belly of the snake by adding texture to it using straight lines.Snake How to Draw Easy

  9. Color the snake.

    Before coloring your artwork, you can trace the sketch using a fountain pen or marker.
    Snake How to Draw

It’s great that you drew this snake with us! We hope that the skills that you acquire by drawing according to our guides will be useful to you.

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