How to Draw a Tulip

Today we will draw one of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers in the world—a tulip. In this tutorial, we will share with you simple steps to create a beautiful and realistic drawing of a tulip using simple techniques.

how to draw a tulip easy
How to Draw a Tulip Step by Step

In this easy step-by-step drawing instruction, you will learn how to draw a tulip flower. The tulip is a very beautiful flower that is very popular all over the world, and many people want to learn how to draw this flower. But unfortunately on the Internet, there are often very difficult tulip drawing lessons, and that is why we offer you this simple guide that will help you sketch this beautiful flower.

Tulips are born in spring and are a symbol of renewal and rebirth of nature after hibernation. Tulips were originally bred in Persia and later in Europe and other parts of the world. Today, tulips are popular ornamental plants that are used to create bouquets, decorate gardens and parks, as well as for drawing in painting and graphics.

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw a Tulip

  1. The outline of the bud.

    First, you need to draw the outline of the tulip bud, which is visually similar to the outline drawing of a rose.Tulip Flower Sketching

  2. Stem drawing.

    Now draw two lines for the top of the tulip’s to draw a simple tulip

  3. Draw the leaves.

    Draw the bottom of the stem and also depict the flower leaves. Drawing them is very easy, first sketch one curved line, and then draw a second line to draw a bouquet of tulips

  4. Sketch in the petals.

    Draw the first lines of the tulip’s to draw a realistic tulip

  5. Draw the petals.

    Continue detailing the bud by adding new petals.How to Draw a Tulip Flower

  6. Erase guidelines.

    Erase the guidelines and sketch additional petals.Tulip Easy Drawing

  7. Texture the flower.

    Sketch the general contours is complete, now sketch out the texture of the tulip and leaves with hatching. You can also trace the outline of the sketch with a black marker, a brush with black paint, or ink with a fountain pen. This will make your sketch clearer and more expressive before coloring.How to Sketch a Tulip

  8. Color your tulip.

    We painted the stem and leaves of the tulip green and the bud pink. You can repeat everything as in our example, or use different colors.
    How to Draw a Tulip

Tulip Drawing Easy

Not a detailed type of coloring, which can also impress you. We also suggest that you visit other step-by-step instructions on our website. We have tutorials on various characters, cars, objects, animals and so on. Do not forget to share your final drawing with your friends, and also share this instruction with all your friends who are also interested in drawing.

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