How to Draw a Tree

Learn how to draw a tree in a step by step drawing tutorial. We will show you in a very easy style for beginners!

how to draw a tree easy
how to draw a tree step by step

Here we will show you how to draw a tree very quickly and easily because we want to draw trees from early childhood. The first thing that we usually see around is trees. We have a desire to draw a tree, a house, our dog, a cat, and everything that we constantly see around us in everyday life.

In general, to improve your drawing skill, you need to constantly practice, draw everything around us. Objects, cars, animals, devices, and so on. Only by practice will you achieve the desired result in the skill of illustration and drawing.

Drawing & Painting Supplies:

  • Pencil;
  • Black marker;
  • Colored marker, crayon, or felt-tip pens, colored pencils;
  • Drawing paper (or devices).

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Tree

  1. Draw the top part of the foliage of the tree.

    The first step is to start at the top of the tree. This can be easily drawn by repeating the lines shown in the example in the first step.como dibujar un arbol

  2. Draw the bottom of the foliage.

    Continue drawing the leaves of the trees by adding the lower part of this part of the drawing.como dibujar un arbol facil

  3. Draw the tree trunk.

    Now sketch out the top of the tree trunk. Try to draw the tree trunk more to draw a simple tree

  4. Draw the bottom of the trunk.

    Finish drawing the trunk of the tree by drawing the trunk closer to the root.tree easy drawing

  5. Draw the second part of foliage.

    To make the drawing more realistic, you need to create a more voluminous drawing. To do this, draw the continuation of the foliage of the tree, which is visually further to draw a realistic tree

  6. Correct the drawing.

    Erase the extra pencil lines, correct any mistakes, and complete the sketch with a to draw an oak tree

  7. Tracing.

    If you want your drawing to be more expressive and beautiful, then trace your pencil sketch with a black marker, fountain pen, and ink.draw tree for kids

  8. Color the drawing.

    Color the tree in classic wood colors. The trunk of the tree is brown, and the foliage is green. If you really want to depict a fruit tree, you can draw apples on the foliage, for example, and paint them red. This will create an apple to draw a tree

Walk more often in parks and forest areas, it is good for the health and physical condition of the body. Trees need us, and we need them. It is ecological mutual aid in nature, which helps the ecosystem of the earth to live and make the world even better. Spend time outdoors and nature reserves more often. This is good for you!

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