How to Draw a Dog for Kids

In this really easy drawing guide, you will learn how to draw a dog for kids. This step-by-step and easy drawing tutorial will be understandable for all beginners in drawing!

How to Draw a Dog for Kids
How to Draw a Dog for Kids Step By Step

Hello, lovers of cats and dogs! Here you will learn how to draw a dog for kids!
Looking at a cute creature running around the house, there is a desire to reflect the joyful moment on paper. But how to draw a dog step by step? Just! To do this, you only need to follow a few steps.

In the process of drawing a dog, you will also learn how to work with oval shapes, adjusting them and adjusting them to the desired shape.

Sharpen your pencils and prepare a sheet of paper—let’s go!

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Dog for Kids

  1. Draw the head.

    Draw the oval shape for the dog’s head. The figure doesn’t have to be perfect! Add a curve to the top line of the oval so that the left side is just below the right.
    Lesson How to Draw a Dog For Kids

  2. Draw the body of a dog.

    Draw another ova slightly lower, shifting to the right. Also, add a curve, but not too steep!
    How to Draw a Dog for Kids Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

  3. Draw the nose, ears, and tail.

    First, sketch out the nose. To do this, draw a circle on the top of the line on the left side of the muzzle. Now add the ears. Draw two teardrop patterns on the right side of the face. To depict the tail, draw a comb on the right side of the body. Add curling curves to the ponytail for a natural look.
    Dog Drawing Lesson for Kids

  4. Draw the eye and the mouth.

    Draw the circle just below the ears, and inside a bold point—this will be the eye. To draw the mouth, just above the bottom line of the muzzle, add a curved line going towards the eye. Add a smirk! To do this, add another neat line across the edge of the mouth line.
    Dog Easy Drawing Tutorial

  5. Draw the neck and legs.

    Draw two parallel lines connecting the torso and head. On the left and right sides of the calf, add a pair of paws. Do it in the same way as you drew the ears. Note that one leg overlaps the other! In order to make the dog look more beautiful, you can draw a collar.
    Learn for Kids How to Draw a Dog

  6. Color the drawing of the dog.

    Before you start coloring, erase all unnecessary lines. In our example, the dog is gray-brown with a red nose. And the collar is dark brown with blue accents. You can choose other colors.
    How to Draw a Dog For Kids Tutorial

Hooray! The lesson on how to draw a dog for kids is coming to an end. We hope you are happy! Now you can share your drawing with your friends on social networks. We hope you enjoyed the tutorial!
By the way, you can watch our more difficult lesson, where we teach drawing a dog. All the best!

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