How to Draw a Tree Step by Step

Learn how to draw a tree step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for beginners and kids.

How to Draw Easy Tree
How to Draw a Tree Step by Step

Hi all! In this guide, we will show you how to draw a tree step by step and easy. When did the first trees appear on Earth? It is believed that this happened 398-395 million years ago. Trees quickly spread and increased in number. Thanks to them, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere decreased.

There is a division of trees by type: they are coniferous and broad-leaved. In this lesson, we will show you a lesson on how to draw a broad-leaved tree in a simple style. Deciduous and evergreen trees can also be distinguished. In deciduous, the leaf cover changes according to the season.

Trees are extremely important for the planet, because they are sources of oxygen and air purifiers. They need to be preserved and planted more trees! We hope that this simple instruction will help you draw a beautiful green tree. Let’s start!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Tree Step by Step

  1. Draw the trunk.

    Begin by drawing the base, in this case the base is the tree trunk.Draw Tree

  2. Add the branch.

    Let’s start drawing branches on the tree. The first branch is shown in blue in this step, draw it following the example.Tree Drawing for Kids

  3. Second branch.

    Now draw a second small branch. Also, do not forget to erase the extra line between the trunk and the first branch that you drew following the example of the previous step.Tree Simple Drawing

  4. Third branch.

    Following the example, draw the next branch of the tree.Tree Artwork

  5. Texture of the tree.

    Detail your drawing by adding lines on the tree trunk.How to Sketch a Tree

  6. Tree crown.

    Now we move on to detailing the crown of the tree, and begin to draw the leaves on the tree. Sketch the first part of the lush leaves on the same branch as shown.Tree Drawing for Beginners

  7. Add leaves.

    Sketch the next part of the leaves as shown in the step.Tree Drawing Step by Step

  8. Left branch.

    Now draw the left part of the leaves of the tree.Tree Drawing Tutorial

  9. Fourth part.

    Now depict the fourth part of the leaves, which is on the rightmost branch of the tree.How to Draw an Easy Tree

  10. Color the tree.

    How to Draw a Tree

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