How to Draw a Traffic Light for Kids

Learn how to draw a traffic light for kids and even for those who hold drawing tools in their hands for the first time.

How to Draw an Easy Stop Light
How to Draw a Traffic Light Step by Step

In this easy step-by-step guide, you will learn how to draw a traffic light for kids. The traffic light is one of the integral things in a person’s daily life. Thanks to them, there are fewer accidents, traffic jams, and problems on the roads. In general, traffic lights perform an automatic traffic control function.

The drawing itself is uncomplicated, everyone can sketch it: a kindergartener, a teenager, and adults, and schoolchildren. Below will be given detailed instructions for drawing it, I ask you all to follow it with special care so that you will definitely succeed in drawing a super drawing. Enjoy the drawing process!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Traffic Light for Kids

  1. Outlining the basic shape.

    Begin by drawing the basic shape of the traffic light. The base should look like the rectangle from the example.How to Sketch Traffic Lights

  2. Add the first circle.

    Now you need to draw the top-most circle at the traffic light. As you know, the topmost circle is a stop signal that glows red.Traffic Lights Sketch

  3. Add two circles.

    Draw two of the same circles below, which will be the same size as the top one. Please note that the distance between them must be the to draw traffic signal

  4. Add details.

    The peak cover protects the lamps from damage. Draw 3 right triangles on the left side of the base, at the same distance from each other. Note: to be guided by the lamps, the tops of the triangles should not protrude beyond the borders of the tops of the lamps.How to Draw Traffic Lights

  5. Right side.

    Now sketch the details on the right side of the traffic light the same way as on the left.Traffic Light Drawing Tutorial

  6. Draw the traffic light pole.

    Using two parallel straight lines, draw the leg of the traffic light.Stop Light Drawing Tutorial

  7. Add detail.

    Detail the traffic light post by adding a lower part that holds the traffic light.How to Draw a Stop Light

  8. Color your artwork.

    From childhood, everyone knows that traffic lights are red, yellow, and green. Therefore, from top to bottom in this order, color the traffic lights. Paint the iron part of the traffic light and the pole in gray or blue.How to Draw a Traffic Light

Congratulations, your city street element is drawn, and you are closer to drawing the whole street. We suggest you also try to portray a house or a car.

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