How to Draw a Squirrel for Kids

Learn how to draw a squirrel for kids step by step with this elementary drawing tutorial for beginners, schoolers, and preschoolers.

How to Draw a Squirrel for BeginnersHow to Draw a Squirrel for Beginners
How to Draw a Squirrel for Kids Step by Step

In this drawing guide, you will learn how to draw a squirrel for kids. A squirrel is an animal belonging to the genus of rodents of the squirrel family. These are very nimble and curious animals that can easily climb trees. Squirrels change the color of their skins depending on the time of the year. The area of distribution of squirrels is most often coniferous forests because in coniferous forests it is easiest to get seeds that these rodents feed on. Squirrels are very bouncy creatures, and squirrels can jump up to 4 meters in length. Squirrels control their jumps with their large, bushy tail. Squirrels are looking for food in the forest almost all day. The main delicacies of squirrels are various nuts and acorns, as well as squirrels eat berries and forest mushrooms.

Squirrels have a very attractive appearance: a small muzzle, small black eyes, tufts on the ears, and a long tail. We have depicted the squirrel in its typical form. It will be easy to sketch the animal in this way. Apart from this simple tutorial, you can try sketching a more realistic squirrel.

The step-by-step sketching instruction below will help all beginner artists sketch a squirrel quickly and in detail!

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Squirrel for Kids

  1. Draw the squirrel’s head.

    Draw a circle for the head and make a slightly elongated shape for the muzzle on one side.How to Draw a Squirrel Step 1

  2. Eyes and eyebrows.

    Depict two circles, inside which are small dots for the pupils. Draw small lines for the eyebrows on top.How to Draw a Squirrel Step 2

  3. Draw the mouth and nose.

    For the nose, draw a small circle, and below that for the mouth, draw a small, curved line.How to Draw a Squirrel Step 3

  4. Draw the ears.

    Draw two large triangles on the squirrel’s head. On top of the triangles, draw smaller triangles facing the other way.Step by Step How to Draw Squirrel

  5. Draw the body of the squirrel.

    Start sketch the body of this cute animal. Under the head, sketch a large, elongated oval for the rodent’s body.How to Draw a Squirrel Simple

  6. Draw the front limbs.

    Sketch the small forelimbs of the squirrel.How to Draw a Squirrel Easy

  7. Draw the hind legs.

    Under the squirrel’s body, draw the hind limbs that the squirrel rests on when sitting.How to Draw Squirrel

  8. Draw the tail.

    Draw a large ponytail with a typical curl. Try to arrange it as shown in the instructions.Squirrel Drawing for Kids

  9. Color the squirrel.

    Color the squirrel in the desired color using your favorite coloring supplies.How to Draw a Squirrel for Kids

Done! The squirrel is drawn. Congratulations on your new artwork! We hope this tutorial was useful and interesting. Share your drawing with your friends and parents.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with our other drawing lessons and depict other animals, characters, or cars. We wish you every success!

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