How to Draw a Squirrel

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial, you will learn how to draw a squirrel. Learning to draw consists of 14 steps.

Squirrel How to Draw
How to Draw a Squirrel Step by Step

In this drawing guide, you will learn how to draw a squirrel. This is the best simple step-by-step guide to help you sketch a cute squirrel holding an acorn. Here is a beautiful and simple drawing, which is shown in detail in the instructions step by step.

Squirrels are the main inhabitants of city parks, and all visitors to the parks should respect the cute owners of park trees, and sometimes feed the squirrels if allowed. In addition to parks, squirrels are often portrayed in various animations, for example, Sandy Cheeks the squirrel from SpongeBob SquarePants, who constantly walks in a spacesuit underwater. And you can also remember the saber-toothed squirrel Scrat from the animated films about the Ice Age. This squirrel from the movies was also constantly looking for acorns, just like the squirrel in our picture.

Interesting facts about these animals: About three thousand nuts are enough for proteins to feed all winter. Squirrels live on all continents of the earth, except Australia and Antarctica. The squirrel’s tail is a rudder for squirrels, with the help of which they direct their movements when jumping from tree to tree. Squirrels can land from a distance of up to 30 meters, using their tail as a parachute that helps them. These cute animals also swim great, but when swimming, their tail is on the surface of the water. This is done so that the tail of the squirrel does not get wet, otherwise, because of this, the squirrel can simply drown due to the severity of the tail.

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Squirrel

  1. Draw the shape of the head.

    First, let’s start by sketching the shape of the squirrel’s head, similar to the shape of a pear.Squirrel Guidelines Sketch

  2. Draw the eyes.

    Draw both squirrel eyes following the example from step. Try to sketch the eyes in the same places as the eyes in our example.Squirrel Head Sketch

  3. Draw the eyelashes.

    Draw the pointed edges of the squirrel eyes that look like eyelashes.How to Sketch a Squirrel

  4. Sketch the squirrel’s nose.

    Now depict the cute little squirrel’s nose.Squirrel Sketch

  5. Sketch the squirrel ears.

    Draw the squirrel ears just above the outline of the head.How to Draw a Realistic Squirrel

  6. Draw the acorn.

    Draw the acorn that is right in the squirrel’s mouth. A little later in the next steps, you will draw the rest of the squirrel’s body, and the hands that will hold the acorn from below.How to Draw a Simple Squirrel

  7. Draw the contour of the body.

    Now move on to sketching the body if you’ve already finished sketching the head and an acorn. Draw the shape of the squirrel’s body. How to Draw a Cute Squirrel

  8. Draw the arm.

    Sketch the squirrel’s arm, along with his fingers that are holding the acorn.Step by Step How to Draw a Squirrel

  9. Draw the fingers of the second hand.

    Now sketch the fingers of the squirrel’s second hand, which are holding the acorn on the other side.How to Draw a Cartoon Squirrel

  10. Draw the squirrel’s feet.

    Now draw the leg and feet of the squirrel, on which the squirrel stands or sits.How to Draw Squirrel for Kids

  11. Second squirrel’s feet.

    Now draw the second feet of the squirrel.Drawing Easy Squirrel

  12. Erase the guidelines.

    Erase any unnecessary guidelines leftover from the sketching process. After that, depict on the squirrel the patterns of its fur.Squirrel Drawing Easy

  13. Trace the outline of the sketch.

    Using a fountain pen with ink or marker, trace the lines of your sketch of the squirrel. This will simplify the coloring of the drawing, and also make the final version of the drawing clearer and more beautiful.Squirrel Easy Drawing

  14. Color the artwork.

    It remains to color the sketch of the squirrel, and that’s it!how to draw a squirrel

We hope we helped you figure out how to sketch a cute chipmunk, and we will be glad if you share your artwork with your friends, as well as recommend this step-by-step guide to them. You can save these step-by-step tutorials for yourself to use, or you can print them out on your printer.


  1. How to draw a squirrel, you said was easy. We’ll, it was NOT. I am 6 years old. I am making a book for Young Authors. My book ic called ‘The Flying Pig Magical Day’. The squirrel is in my book. I used your squirrel to help me draw, and it was difficult. I was ? MAD!!! Maybe you should update your drawing of the squirrel.
    Thank You!
    Eleanor Casey ?

    1. Yes, this squirrel may not be that easy, but the site has a lesson on how to draw a squirrel in a very simple style! We hope this easy squirrel drawing lesson will help you in your flying pig book!

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