How to Draw a Shark

In this easily step-by-step guide, you will learn how to draw a shark. To draw a shark, you only need seven steps, which you will see below.

Shark How to Draw
How to Draw a Shark Step by Step

Hello artists! In this instruction, we will look at how to draw a shark. It has a special appearance that distinguishes it from other representatives of water spaces: a torpedo-shaped body, an asymmetric caudal fin and a prominent head with many sharp teeth hidden in a large mouth.

Eats most shark’s plankton, crustaceans, small fish, squid and so on. An interesting fact: sharks are literally prescribed by nature to constantly move due to the peculiarities of their blood flow. However, they, like people, have their own special places for rest and relaxation – these are “shark caves”. Sketching a shark is a fun activity that will help you to practice in the image of the inhabitants of the waters. Let’s start!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Shark

  1. Draw the body.

    Start by drawing the body of the shark. You can depict the shark’s body from two curved lines.Easy Shark Drawing

  2. Details.

    Add the small shark eye, and also divide the shark’s body into 2 parts, as in the example.Shark Drawing for Beginners

  3. Mouth and gills.

    Using one curved line, draw the shark’s mouth. Also add four parallel lines on the shark’s neck, which are the gills of the shark.Shark Easy Drawing

  4. Back fins.

    Now, depict two triangular shark dorsal fins. Note that they must also be drawn using curved lines.Shark Drawing Tutorial

  5. Pectoral fins.

    Now draw the shark’s central fins, which are the pectorals. One of the fins should visually be closer, and the other further behind the body of the shark.How to Draw a Great White Shark

  6. Detail the tail.

    The last step in artwork of the shark is detailing the shark’s tail by adding tail fins.How to Draw a Shark Simple

  7. Color your artwork.

    Before the coloring process, you can trace the outlines of your artwork using a fountain pen. This will make your artwork clearer and more detailed. Also, try drawing a cute whale!
    How to Draw a Shark

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