How to Draw a Rooster for Kids

In this our drawing lesson, you will see how to draw a rooster easily for kids. To see the whole lesson, scroll down the page below and start drawing.

How to Draw a Rooster for Kids
How to Draw a Rooster Step by Step

Hello everybody! We present to your attention an easy lesson on how to draw a rooster for kids step by step. Roosters with multicolored long tail feathers are in no way inferior in beauty even to a peacock. The rooster has a bright color, it is lush, unusual, always diverse.

The rooster is the male of the hen’s family. Outwardly, it differs from the chicken only in its large scallop and very colorful plumage. A very effective bird that takes on the role of leader and protects the entire family. Below are the step-by-step instruction to follow while drawing a rooster. Follow all these recommendations, and then the drawing of the rooster will be light and beautiful.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Rooster for Kids

  1. Draw the head of the rooster.

    Start by drawing a head and for that draw a small circle.
    Drawing a Rooster

  2. Draw the neck.

    Under the head, draw a neck that ends at the bottom with a wavy line.
    Sketching a Rooster

  3. Add head details.

    The next step is to draw a comb on the head in the form of wavy lines, as well as a wattle in the lower part of the head.
    Rooster Easy Drawing

  4. Draw the eye and beak.

    Draw the small black dot on the side to represent the rooster’s eye. And also in the front of the head, there is a beak with a sharp end.
    How to Draw a Rooster Face

  5. Draw the body.

    Now draw the large body of the rooster as shown in our instruction.
    Learn How to Draw a Rooster

  6. Add the wing.

    On the body of the bird, draw a small wing in an arbitrary shape.
    How Do You Draw a Rooster

  7. Add tail feathers.

    On the back of the body, draw a tail in the shape of 3 ovals close to each other.
    Rooster How to Draw

  8. Draw the legs.

    One of the final steps is to draw the upper legs and feet.
    How to Draw a Simple Rooster

  9. Color the drawing.

    We decided to color the rooster in such bright colors, since there are usually many such spectacular elements in the appearance of this bird. You can use these colors or paint the rooster any other colors.
    How to Draw a Easy Rooster

We hope this lesson helped you learn new drawing skills and inspired you to create beautiful and interesting paintings. We wish you continued success in your creativity and hope that you will continue to improve your talent as an artist!

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