How to Draw a Robot for Kids

Today we will learn how to draw a robot for kids. This lesson is very easy for all ages, even for kindergartners. Drawing a robot is a fun activity that will help develop creativity and imagination. Let’s start!

How to Draw a Robot for Beginners
How to Draw a Robot Step by Step

Hello everyone! In this step-by-step drawing instruction, you will learn how to draw a robot for kids. A robot is a developed mechanical creature that is capable of doing any commands thanks to a pre-programmed mechanism and processor. Thanks to robots, you can do a lot of operations and greatly simplify your life.

We decided to depict a typical version of the robot, which is extremely easy to draw for both beginners and children of school and preschool age. Anyone can draw a robot subject to all the steps outlined in our instructions. We hope this guide helps you portray this mechanical friend of humans. Enjoy drawing, friends!

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Robot for Kids

  1. Shape the head.

    Begin by drawing the shape of the robot’s head, which consists of a straight horizontal line and a curved semicircular top.Head Sketch Robot

  2. Draw the eyes and antenna.

    Draw two squares with small pupils inside. Draw a line above the head with a small circle at the end.How to Draw a Humanoid

  3. Draw the mouth.

    Draw a large semicircle at the bottom of the robot’s face. Inside, add some vertical lines to texture the robot’s mouth.Robot Head Drawing

  4. Shape the body.

    Sketch a large vertical rectangle for the shape of the body.Easy How to Draw a Robot for Kids

  5. Add the screen.

    Inside, draw the small horizontal rectangle that is the screen on the robot’s body.How to Draw a Robot for Kids Simple

  6. Add buttons.

    Under the screen on the body, add buttons that turn on the robot and control its functions.How to Draw a Robot for Kids Easy

  7. Start drawing the arms.

    Now draw the main parts of the robot arms as shown in the example.How to Draw a Robot for Kids

  8. Draw the hands.

    Draw the hands of the robot, which look like open-ended wrenches.Easy How to Draw a Robot

  9. Draw the legs.

    Now draw four lines under the robot’s body as shown. After that, detail the legs of the robot with short lines.How to Draw a Robot Easy

  10. Draw the feet.

    Draw two horizontal ovals for the lower parts of the legs.Robot How to Draw

  11. Color the robot.

    Now you need to add color to your drawing using your favorite coloring tools.How to Draw a Robot

Your cartoon robot is ready! We hope you had a great time while drawing this robot. Drawing is cool and fun! Keep practicing with other drawing lessons, such as drawing an alien or his spaceship.

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