How to Draw a Puppy for Kids

Draw a cute puppy using this drawing tutorial on how to draw a puppy for kids step by step! Start drawing a cute dog with us!

How to Draw a Puppy step by step

Hello to all pet lovers, this tutorial is for you! We bring to your attention a step-by-step lesson on how to draw a puppy for kids. This is a fairly simple lesson in drawing a puppy that a young artist can easily master. Let’s talk a little about our doggie.

Meet our puppy from the drawing lesson named Jerry, he is 1.5 years old, and he lives with our artist. And as you probably guessed, this lesson was drawn from our dog.
The dog is a mammal pet, one of the most popular companion animals. Dogs are renowned for their ability to learn quickly, love to play, and social behavior.

Let’s move on to the puppy drawing tutorial now. In the process of drawing a dog, you will also learn how to work with oval shapes, adjusting them and adjusting them to the desired shape. Most importantly, follow our simple guidelines, and you will see how easy it is!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Puppy for Kids

  1. Draw the outline of the puppy’s head.

    The dog’s muzzle has a pointed shape. To do this, draw the oval, and at the bottom, in place of the chin, narrow it.Drawing Puppy for Kids

  2. Draw the eyes and nose.

    The dog’s scent is so strong that it allows you to smell the owner for several kilometers. So let’s give him a nose. Draw a small circle for him in the middle of his face. And in this circle there is one more, only smaller. Make dots at the bottom of the nose. Just above the nose, draw eyes for him. They look like a circle, and inside it are another black circles. Your dog lacks eyebrows. To do this, draw small lines over the eyes.
    Draw a Puppy for Kids

  3. Draw the ears of the dog.

    Ears can be made in any shape, see how it is done in our picture.
    Also draw a speck on the face like our puppy Jerry. From the nose, draw a zigzag shape up to the forehead.
    How to Draw Puppy For Kids Tutorial

  4. Draw the mouth.

    Draw two parallel arcs under the nose. The dog has a tongue inside the mouth. She has an oval shape, with lines in the middle.
    How to Draw a Simple Puppy

  5. Draw the lower part of the dog’s face.

    To complete the look of the muzzle, make two vertical arches at the nose, as shown in our drawing of the puppy.
    Learn how to draw a Puppy for kids

  6. Circle the drawing of the puppy.

    Erase unnecessary lines and circle the drawing with a dark pencil or pen.
    drawing lesson puppy for kids

  7. Color the dog.

    Take a dark gray pencil and color the eyes with it. The nose is dark brown, the cheeks are gray, the tongue is pink. And the rest of the dog is light brown.
    How to draw a Puppy Easy

Done! What a cute dog you have turned out. I just want to stroke her.
We are sure that you did not have any difficulties in drawing a dog. After all, it is not difficult, but very interesting and exciting. Take your friends with you and draw dogs together. They will definitely like it.
You can also compare it with our other work—drawing a dog. Bye Bye!

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