How to Draw a Pumpkin for Kids

In this easy drawing tutorial for kids, you will learn how to draw a pumpkin. This step-by-step drawing lesson will be understandable even for kindergarteners.

How to Draw a Pumpkin for Kids
How to Draw a Pumpkin Step by Step for Kids

Hi everyone! We present to your attention a lesson on how to draw a pumpkin for kids step by step and easy even for kindergarteners. This simple pumpkin drawing tutorial is suitable for young artists, since only light, uniform shapes will be used when drawing. It will be possible to draw a pumpkin in just 5 steps, the main thing is not to rush and be careful!

Pumpkin is a perennial or annual plant of the pumpkin family. There are a very large number of pumpkin varieties, they differ in shape, size, color. This vegetable has a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Usually, pumpkin is eaten in various forms. Also, a pumpkin, like for example a drawing of a bat, is one of the key attributes during the celebrations of the famous “Halloween” celebration.

The pumpkin has a fairly regular shape and does not have any complex elements in the image. Thanks to our simple instructions, drawing a pumpkin will be easy, fast, and very beautiful. Let’s get down to drawing!

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Pumpkin for Kids

  1. Draw the initial part.

    The pumpkin will be made of several similar oval pieces. Therefore, first you need to draw the central large oval.
    Pumkin Easy Drawing Tutorial for Kids

  2. Draw two parts.

    On the sides of the drawn oval, draw two small ones, some of which are slightly hidden in the background.
    Sketching Pumpkin for Kids

  3. Draw the entire pumpkin shape.

    Now you should draw the smallest parts in the same way as in the previous cases. On each side, draw smaller ovals that hide more in the background.Easy Drawing a Pumpkin

  4. Draw the stem.

    The tail of the pumpkin should be large enough. Draw a stem that slopes slightly to the side. The lines may be jagged. For a more colorful look, you can draw some small lines on the stem.
    Draw a Pumpkin Easy

  5. Color the drawing.

    The typical pumpkin color is orange. Color the pumpkin completely orange. Select all the lines of the pumpkin shape with black. The stem should be green.
    Drawing a Pumpkin Easy

In conclusion of our pumpkin drawing tutorial, we hope that this tutorial helped you not only create a fun and interesting drawing, but also unleash your creativity.

We remind you that not only the result is important, but also the process, so we hope that this lesson has become not only useful for you, but also a pleasant pastime. Thank you for using our tutorial and we wish you continued success in your creative journey!

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