How to Draw a Bat

Here you will learn how to draw a bat step by step and easily. You can use this drawing idea for your Halloween art project!

How to Draw a Bat Easy
How to Draw a Bat Step by Step

Today we will learn how to draw a bat. This guide will help beginners understand how to sketch such simple drawings, and understand which parts are related to each other. In order to better concentrate on this lesson, we advise you not to be distracted and enjoy the process.

Bats are distinguished by their large and sweeping wings. It is very interesting that they are awake at night and sleep in the morning and afternoon. Because of their unique lifestyle, bats have learned to tolerate any disease asymptomatically, which is why they are a serious disease vector. Also, bats are symbols and logos, for example, bats are associated with Halloween. And also bats undoubtedly remind the popular superhero Batman from the DC universe. By the way, you can try to draw Batman according to the step-by-step tutorial that we have created for everyone!

Good luck with your drawing!

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Bat

  1. Draw the ears and face of the bat.

    This is a small part of the drawing, so it won’t be very difficult. Try to repeat exactly all the details of the contour of the bat head.Bat Easy Drawing Tutorial

  2. Add details, draw the eyes.

    Draw the angry eyes of the bat as well as its sharp teeth. The eyes should be symmetrical.Cartoon Bat Drawing

  3. Bat wing.

    Draw the first wing of the bat as well as its small torso. Follow the example from to draw bat wings

  4. Second wing.

    Draw the second wing of the bat. The wings should be larger than the bat itself, we try to make them the same.Bat Wings Drawing Tutorial

  5. Add details to the contour of the bat wings.

    Draw the biological parts of the bat’s wings that hold the wings of this flying animal. Notice that umbrellas are made by humans, like the wings of a bat!how to draw bat

  6. Trace your sketch.

    Trace the drawing by using the to draw a bat

  7. Coloring the bat.

    We use several colors: purple, black and yellow. You can use other colors like gray or brown.Bat how to draw

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